blah, blah, snow, blah, blah

This is, by necessity, brief. Busy busy busy week, and a full weekend ahead means not much time to write.


I should get some face time with Master–if the

fucking snow

holds off until later in the evening.

The wee bit of free time I eked out over the last few days has been spent writing a tentacle tale for Dark Fantasies. So you should have that to look forward to, my tentacularly pervie peeps.

And I haven’t written a good doggie fantasy in a long while. Those are so dirty and dark and nasty and I know some of you animal rights people at PETA would be all kinds of pissy about it, but hey. This is sex fantasy stuff and some of it isn’t pretty. (sometimes I forget that when I get all wrapped up in my happy ever after tales) Some of it is dark and mean and not something you’d bring up in “polite society”. Or, you know, at the annual meeting of your local PETA chapter.


Have a great weekend, peeps. I’ll tell you about mine after, but– there will be a lovely visit with a special friend. Who I won’t be having sex with, but will be talking all kinds of pervy stuff with.




7 thoughts on “blah, blah, snow, blah, blah

  1. Hope the snow turns out to be much less then expected.
    A tentacle tale on Dark Fantasies no less!!! WoooHooo can’t wait.

    As for the PETA people, Phtttttp to them. Doesn’t that stand for People Eating Tasty Animals?

    • hahahaha…

      yeah. I was thinking about this–my writing and your response–while working today. And–that’s part of what makes us perv’s in the first place, right? We’re all a little bit…skewed. A bit different. Maybe a disclaimer..’no dogs were actually fucking people in the writing of this story”…or something of that ilk? (okay, now i’m just being silly!)

      Thank you for your constant support, JB. You and Kayla are really special people–and I thank you for the gift of your ongoing kindness and encouragement.


    • sadly…no.

      It was snowing as I crossed back into Mass…and snowing HARD in central Mass…and…He had to work. Dang it. Hoping for tomorrow morning–depending on that white stuff out there…


  2. Woohoo! I hope the snow holds off. I hope you get face time with your Master! Have fun with your visitor too!

    And there must be something in the air. Due to snow, I finally had time to finish up my tentacle story, The Chair!

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