Secure IT (3)

She couldn’t believe that it was over. She wasn’t sure what Nicolas had said or done to Sir Thomas, but she hadn’t been contacted by him in over a week. When Pia had talked her into going to the club last night, she’d seen him across the room, but when he’d spotted her, he’d turned around and left the room.

As if thinking about him had conjured him, her cell rang. The readout said “Unknown caller” and she almost didn’t answer it. Curiosity, which seemed to be her middle name, made her take the call anyway.

“I saw you at the club yesterday.”

She recognized the deep voice immediately. Something about Nic Turner made her insides go molten.

“I didn’t see you there.”

“I was keeping a low profile.”

He didn’t mention that Pia had called him to let him know they’d be there, nor that his checking on Thomas had only been part of the reason that he’d been there. She’d  hung in his mind; seeing her in the club had driven an arrow of lust right into his gut. Damn Pia for seeing through his casual questions, and telling him he’d have to find the answers for himself.

“Oh. Well…listen…I didn’t get a chance to say it before…but I wanted to thank you. For stopping Thomas from harassing me. I really appreciate it.”

“I’m glad. And I don’t want you to answer with that ‘appreciation’ when I ask you for a date.”

She hadn’t been expecting that. 

“I…” she swallowed the sudden ball of nerves and lust that blocked her throat. “I’d like that.”


“I’d love to.”

Though they couldn’t see one another, they were both smiling when they hung up.


“He didn’t say if it was a play date. I think it’s just … you know, dinner.”

“Lin. Are you serious? A hot–SUPER hot–Dom asks you for a date, it’s not just dinner unless YOU’RE on the menu. I know Nic, remember?”

“Yeah, but you two met at the club. He’s picking me up. We’re going to a restaurant.”

Pia knew when to shut up.

“Okay, but nothing says  you can’t look friggin’ awesome underneath your little black dress.”

“I wasn’t going to wear my LBD –it’s too formal. I was going to wear a simple skirt and top. I think. Or maybe jeans.”

Pia rolled her eyes. Still, it was interesting that her friend was fretting about what she was going to wear. Rising from the bed where she’d plopped herself to watch Lindsay audition her outfits, she sauntered over and pushed Lin to one side.

“Step back, grasshopper, and let the pro take it from here.”

Laughing and shaking her head, Lin held up her hands in surrender and backed away.

“I only have…” she glanced at the clock on her nightstand “…yikes! Less than an hour before he gets here!”

Looking quickly through the closet Pia found something intriguing. She held the white shirt out.

“I didn’t know you had this.”

“It was on sale a few months ago. It’s not usually my style, all those little pearl buttons…”

“But it’s sweet. And sexy in a very understated way. That means you’ll have to wear the white bustier under it. No bra, just that. And you have white lace panties, right?”

At Lin’s nod, she dove back into the closet. Way in the back she found what she was looking for.

“This. Simple. Classic. Can’t go wrong with this.”

Expecting Pia to come out with her  black sequined mini-skirt, she was pleased (and she’d admit to herself, surprised) when her friend emerged instead with her long black pencil skirt. It had a small flirty ruffle around the hem.

“You’re going to look like a somewhat naughty secretary,” her friend pronounced. “If he chooses to disrobe you later? You’ll slay him with this outfit. We’ll put that mane of yours in a messy updo, the kind that looks like it will cascade down if you move too hard. Guys love it when your hair falls all over the place when they fuck you. ”

“You’re having way too much fun with this. And I never said I’d fuck him. For gosh sakes, Pia, it’s dinner. Not a romp at a sex club.”

“mmhmmm.. can hope you know. And–I liked dressing up dolls when I was a kid, what can I say. And you know you’re going to look gorgeous. Right?”

“If I don’t start getting dressed, I won’t be ready when he gets here you know.”

“Worry not, my friend. I’m able to work my seductive magic at extreme velocities…”

With a flip of her fingers, she began to direct her friend into her evening wear.


The restaurant was quiet, discreet. There was soft music playing in the background and the lighting was intimate. They’d talked a bit in the car. She tried not to stare at him but he was so completely gorgeous that it was a challenge. He’d ushered her from the car and inside with his hand resting lightly on her hip.

He helped her into her seat, then moved to sit across from her. They were silent as the waiter left their menu’s on the table, and moved off.

“I suppose you think I will order for you?”

“I…didn’t assume that, no.”

“Good–it would be hard for me to order without knowing your preferences. And we didn’t make a prior arrangement for me to take ownership of this …date.”

She took a nervous sip of her water.

“No.” She poke after a moments further reflection. “No, we didn’t make this a…uhm…”


She nodded.

“Yes, that’s it! It’s not a…D/s sex thing.”

He lifted his glass.


He sipped, enjoying the confusion that his single word engendered.

“I suppose I could be further cliched and ask you to remove your panties and bring them back to me.”

She froze, her glass halfway to her lips.

“I do enjoy this –watching you trying to figure out if I’m serious, or if I’m testing the waters, or if we’re just discussing possibilities. It’s an interesting case of cat and mouse–a game I’m rather fond of, actually.”

His smile was terribly compelling.

8 thoughts on “Secure IT (3)

  1. Your story brings to mind a delimma in my own life. I so enjoyed being asked to remove my panties in public places. Ever so much. Realizing now that I don’t own any panties is proving the delimma. Does one wear things just to ask them to be taken off?

    I love this story so much.

    1. I know, right? There’s nothing like a good mindfucking…it leaves one all hot and bothered and stirred up…and ready.

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