Secure IT (4)

He wouldn’t let her leave the table. He didn’t control her choice of entree, selected a wine that worked with her chicken and his fish, and had continued to tease and entice.

But he had refused to excuse her so that she could go potty.

“Potty. What a charming word. No. You must sit.”

“But…I really do need to…go.”

His head canted to the side as he looked at her. The faint half-smile never left his face as he shook his head.

“I think that you can wait for a few minutes. Don’t think about your bladder stretching to accommodate all that urine. Take another sip of wine.”

She knew by the tone that it wasn’t a polite request. Funny how he had slid, ever so slowly, into dominant mode, and how much she’d allowed. Tiny little increments of dominance. No salt on her chicken. Drink all the water. Eat all the veggies on the plate. So many little increments of submission. Nodding and doing every teeny little ‘suggestion’ promptly.

And now this.

She wasn’t sure how the wine was in her hand, the glass pressing against her bottom lip. The taste of it was sweet and tangy. Her bladder clenched, her clit throbbed.

“Good girl.”

The waiter approached, topping off their wine glasses, inquiring about dessert. He ordered ice cream for her, a brownie for himself as she worked to keep her bladder from spilling over.

“Let us go to the restrooms while we wait for our dessert, hmmm?”

She nodded quick assent, dropping her napkin on the table, and rising to her feet.

“Oh, we mustn’t leave our table in disarray,” he said, eyes dancing. “Please fold your napkin properly.”

She needed to pee, was one step away from the jiggling dance to hold it in. Quickly she twitched the napkin into place. He peered at it, studying it.

“Sir…please,” she whispered.

His smile snapped into place at her words, he waved her ahead of him towards the bathroom.


She nearly died when he held his hand over the ladies room door, shook his head. He took her arm in a tight grip and pushed her into the men’s room. Thankfully it was empty, but he’d still hear her pissing.

“Last stall, please.”

She slid inside, trying to close the door, but he pressed back, and entered the space. She was frantic now, tugging up her long skirt. Finally she exposed her panties. Before she could tug those down, his hand cupped her. Hot, so hot. His hand, her pussy, two disparate heat zones. She ground her pussy on his hand, his fingers slid under the crotch and stroked her.

“Sir…” she was gasping. “I …HAVE to pee…”

His hand moved away, then tugged her panties down. He pushed her down, and she began to piss the moment her skin touched the cool seat. The need for release was more urgent than her embarrassment.

“Before the ‘iced cream’…some warm…” He murmured. Her face was inches from his crotch. As her bladder emptied, she unzipped him, took out his semi-hard shaft.

“You have a beautiful cock, Sir,” she said, before opening her mouth and surrounding it with the warm wetness of her lips and tongue. She sucked, licked, nibbled, and kissed as her urine stream slowed to a dribble.

“That’s enough for now.”

He pulled away, pushing his stiffened cock into his pants and zipping.


She stopped reaching for the toilet tissue.

“Oh…but…oh my…”

She was embarrassed and confused when he took a few sheets, and reached between her legs to wipe.

“Make no mistake little one. When I take full use of you, I will control all of you. Everything.”

Tossing the soiled paper into the toilet between her legs, he tugged her up from the seat.

“Turn around and look at what you did there. Put your hands on the seat and look.”

Eyes stabbed into hers, unyielding. She could fuss, but the throb of excitement was stronger than her reservations. He was intense.

“I am. I’m a very dirty man.”

She hadn’t realized she’d said that out loud. Turning quickly, she put her hands on the seat, shuddering inwardly at the possiblity of germs there. His hands lifted her skirt up over her hips, pushed aside the crotch of her panties. He pressed against her slit, then slid deeply inside of her. She’d not even heard his zipper opening again.

“Your cunt is so hot, so tight. I can feel you throbbing.”

She gripped the toilet seat as he pulled out, then returned, burying his cock in her pussy.  No prelude, no warning. Just…pure animal fucking.

“My cock is coated in your juices, little girl.”

He pulled back again, all the way out.

“Turn around.”

Pussy throbbing, wanting more, she complied.

“Clean me off and let us go have our dessert.”

“In a past life, were you Mae West?”

“Don’t worry, little one. You’ll get more. In due time.”




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      1. Smiles. … oh. . That’s very nice! Linguine and lingerie in your pocket. … On Mar 2, 2015 8:58 AM, “Vanillamom's Blog” wrote:


    1. Hi LordM…thank you for stopping by and leaving a lovely comment for me! I’m pleased that you enjoyed this!


      1. another of those things to fantasize about but not really have happen? Yeah, I get that.


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