Secure IT (5)

“So, that was it? Some teasing in the bathroom, and then back to the table and nothing else?”

Pia’s voice had a tone of outrage to it. She sat on the end of Linday’s bed as her friend and roommate put away her clothing. Lin paused, looking at Pia.

“Look…he said there would be more, later. I don’t know what ‘later’ means to him, or what he’s planning or if I failed some sort of test or what. I just don’t know. He seemed happy enough, kissed me good night –”

“Yeah…in the car, for fucks sake, not even walking you up here…”

Lindsay took a breath. It was nice the Pia was pissed on her behalf, but she was exhausted, just worn out. Too tired to rehash it all.

“Pia, let’s talk more in the morning. I’m — just tired.”

“And I’m making it worse. But geeze. I know him, Lyn. This just isn’t like the guy I knew.”

“Well, it’s weird to be comparing him, you know? Maybe you’re just funner to be with than me.”

Her friend sprang up from the bed and gave her hard hug.

“I’m going. Go to bed. Sleep.”


She tossed restlessly in her bed. Her pussy, traitorous bitch that she was, throbbed relentlessly. It was hard to sleep with unquenched desire. She had wanted a good hard fuck, some playtime. But it hadn’t gone at all like she expected. Leaning from the bed, she grabbed her cell.


The green light beamed brightly out at her. One thirty-four. In the morning. She was startled when the phone buzzed in her hand, alterting her to an incoming text.

“You up?”

Her nipples grew hard when she read the two short words. Damn the man for being able to stir her up so much! Toying with the idea of totally ignoring him, she quickly replied.

“Yes. Fuck you!”

It didn’t take a minute for her phone to light up again.

“LOL. Turn on your cam.”

No. She wasn’t going to do that. Yet the covers were flung to the side of the bed, and her feet were on the floor. No. She couldn’t bear the torture. But yes, dammit all,  how she craved it as well.

Clenching her jaw, she moved to flick on her computer, then moved across quickly to grab her robe.

“NO need to bother with that.”

His voice boomed out from behind her, making her nearly jump out of her skin. She whirled, staring at her monitor and trying to cover her tits and crotch.

“You scared me.”

“Aww. Move your hands.”

His smile was unrepentant. And smug. Her hands slowly dropped to her sides. Let him look. Let him see what he had missed out on. Bastard.

“Go get your favorite dildo. And a vibe if you have one.”

For a moment she stood there, frozen. Torn between stubbornness and shock.

“Go, slut.”

Her feet moved first, perplexing her. She needed to stop jumping at every command he issued. Nonetheless, she was standing in front of her nightstand. She ducked down, taking the two items out, putting her out of view of the cam for a moment. She was sweating a bit from nerves, and she was glad he was on the other side of the cam…He wouldn’t be able to smell her nerves. As she squatted she smelled another pungent scent, that of hot cunt. Her hot cunt.

Rising, she turned towards the computer.

“Ah a hitachi. Perfect. Tonight you will be my hands. Tomorrow I will be there in person. I’m sorry that our date was cut short, there was a–” he paused, looked skyward a moment. “A technical glitch that I had to deal with.”

He didn’t mention that the glitch was from his most talented IT guy, Jonas, cumming so hard that he had squirted semen all over his computer keyboard. So much so that he’d shorted out his laptop. The guy was a top-notch computer geek, one of the best he’d ever had on his team…and hornier than a frigging billy-goat. He’d threatened to lock him in a male chastity device while he was on-shift, which had sobered Jonas–for about five seconds. Then Jonas had smiled. And Nic knew he’d be online and looking at online sex stores for a CB2000 or some such.

“Hard steel, Jonas. Not one of those plastic gizmo’s. The kind with a wicked tight ball ring.”

“I’d cum like a bastard afterwards.”

“If you were ever able to get the thing off…since you’ve got the biggest cojones this side of the middle east. You dumb bastard. Tomorrow you will take that laptop apart and clean every inch of it.”

He shook his head at the memory.  But now, now he had something much nicer to look forward to.

“Plug in the Hitachi. No. Not near the bed. Right there.”

He pointed to a plug that was in the wall near the closet door. She was perplexed. He wasn’t going to make her…in the middle of the room?

“On your knees, hands behind your head. Nice. You have lovely tits. I’m looking forward to tying them up, using my cane on them. No nipple clamps tonight, just pleasure. Turn. Yes, hands behind you so that I may see your pretty bottom.”

She spread her asscheeks, her face flaming, though He couldn’t see it. He directed her through several more moves which included laying on the floor, legs spread wide so that He could look at her pussy. Which he did. For an embarrassingly long time. At long last he had her take up the dildo, and begin to fuck herself with it, as she lay on the floor in front of her computer.

He watched.

She closed her eyes.

He murmured small sounds as she pleasured herself, until she was on the brink of orgasm.


She didn’t think of herself like one of those girls in a sex story from the ‘net, moaning and whimpering and all that stupid shit. Yet there she was, laying on the floor and writhing with the need to cum.

“Breathe, little one.”

She lay, panting.

“You Bastard. Jeezuz. OMG. Fuare very ck…fuck…”

She rubbed a hand over her face. She wasn’t able to make words anymore. Her clit throbbed, and her free hand moved to rest on her mons.

“Uh oh…no touching there, little one. You are beautiful in your anguished disappointment. Simply ravishing. My cock is hard as can be, watching you laying there.”

Her eyes squeezed tightly as she panted. Gradually the urgent need died away, and her body relaxed. His voice seemed to come from far away. Obviously turned on, his voice was husky and deep.

“The Hitachi now, slut. Right there hard against your clit. Yes, just like that. Insert your dildo and resume fucking…”

The explosion came quickly, her body arching, heels digging into the carpet. Her eyes were closed tightly, her pussy convulsing around the dildo.



His voice, hard like a whip, made her whimper.

“But I’m so sensit—”

“KEEP FUCKING. And keep that Hitachi right fucking there!”

She whined in earnest now, her body twisting on the floor as she came unglued. The dildo glided in and out quickly, lubricated by the abundant juices flowing from her. Her clit screamed at the agony of the strong vibe pulsing against it. With a high keening cry, her cunt gushed, her body trembling and sweaty, shook from the force of the explosion.

“Beautiful. My God,” He breathed.  She heard his heavy breath through a red haze, near to passing out from the orgasm. She felt ripped apart from her body, flying and floaty and exhausted.

“I have never cum so hard,” his voice said into the room. “Watching you squirt was an incredible turn-on.”

She turned her head, opened one eye.

“I need…bed.”

“Clean up and go to bed little one.”

The screen, where his face had just been, went blank.

Her phone, still on her night stand, buzzed. On shaky legs she wobbled over to see who had texted her, knowing it was him.

“You are beautiful in your submission. I can’t wait to taste you.”

Yeah, like she was going to sleep after that. She smiled, tumbling into bed with her cam still on. She knew she’d be okay that way. Because he was there. Keeping her secure. She knew it. And knowing it, slept.