He slapped her exposed pussy. Though she jolted, she could not move to close her legs. The grunt she uttered from gagged lips made him smile, though she couldn’t see that with the thick blindfold.

She was helpless, totally at his mercy.

“You will enjoy this. For a while, anyway. The price of standing in that window every night and disrobing. Such a slut, and sluts get what they deserve. You knew someone would be watching, and that someone was me. Lucky for you that I’m a merciful Dom.”

He paused, stroking her thigh with one gloved hand. He watched the trail of goosebumps rise in the wake of his touch.

“Mostly, anyway. A Dom with only a touch of sadism.”

His hand moved up to her breast, cupping it, the leather cool. Her nipple kernelled at his touch.

“Of course, sadism being sadism, it might sound like a wash, right? I don’t mind a dash of pain…your pain of course…but to use your body against itself? Even better. When pleasure becomes an overwhelming sensation, that’s sadism at its finest.”

His fingers closed over the hard nipple. Again she whimpered behind the gag. Her fingers tightened, but bound together at the wrist, her hands could do nothing. It was those helpless little gestures that tightened his cock.

Preparations for his entertainment were almost as exciting as the actual events. Almost. The preparation could not compare, really, to the scent of warm cunt as he rubbed along her slit, the leather parting and exposing the pink pearl there. Sniffing the air, his head drew close, his nose very nearly touching her as he inhaled the rich fragrance. The touch of his tongue against the petals of her pussy had her tugging, fruitlessly of course, at her bindings. He watched for a moment, the stress and strain of her muscles and skin, the play of the white rope holding her fast. He licked her. Head tossing, grunting, buttocks clenching; none of that stopped his tongue from lashing along her forcibly exposed center. None of that stopped her body from responding.

His hand, still encased in black leather, struck her firmly.

“I believe a pussy that’s been –shall we say ‘handled’–firmly will give me the reaction that I’m seeking.”

What followed was a series of smacks. Firm, hard, right on target, her clit and lips began to flush with the blows, and become sensitive.

“Your clit is so grateful for my attention. Look at it there, rising up and begging for more.”

His fingers flicked against the sensitive bit. Her sounds maddened his cock. He’d put a condom on under his underwear. Best to not leave any forensic evidence around these days. He felt the slickness, the heat from his shaft, like weeping steel. Taking a moment to calm his raging hard-on, he moved away from the bed, reaching for the big rubber cock.

With no preamble, he shoved it deep into her pussy. The accompanying whinny of protest from her almost made him come; only closing his eyes and thinking of sticking his dick into a bucket of ice water helped. Her cunt pushed it back out again, as expected. In his bag he dug out the roll of duct tape, making lots of noise for her to figure out what was coming next. Everyone knew the sound of that thick tape releasing from the roll as it was pulled away, and the sound of it being torn free. Shoving the dildo firmly, he taped across her thighs, holding it deep inside of her.

He looked at her tits, not terribly huge, but her nipples. Man, they were perfection. It took only a minute to peg her left one with the clothes pin. It took longer to attach the other 25 in a spiral around her breast, and she was whining a pretty tune when he was done. On her right breast, he attached a breast pump, the kind that would suck her nipple and about half of her tit inside it–and keep on sucking until he turned it off.

“You’ll have to tell me which is more painful. I might be willing to stop. Remember, I’m not a totally sadistic Dom.”

There was a smile in the words; even blindfolded it was clearly evident.

Sweat broke out as pain began to take its toll on her. When he turned the Hitachi on and pressed it against her vulva, the sudden rush of fluid soaking the bed was almost more than his cock could take. The air was drenched with the scent of her juice. He ached with the need to fall on her, the need to fuck her. Holding the big vibe, he slipped it up and around her soaked slit, making certain that it pressed against the dildo filling her. She’d feel that vibration deep inside her belly.

She came in a second rush of fluid, the milky come spattering her thighs, the white bulb that continued to grind against her vulnerable pussy. The grunts and growls were sexy; enticing and intoxicating. Reaching over, he slapped at the clothes pins on her tit, jostling them and making her whine louder.

“I know. That hurt didn’t it? But look at you, slut. You just came again.”

He tugged at the cone sucking on her other tit. More whining, and the silver trail of tears leaking out from the sides of the blindfold, sliding down her temples to be lost in her hair.

“I did tell you that you could tell me which hurt worst, didn’t I? Shame on me. I lied.”

The Hitachi pressed harder against her pussy, grinding along the slippery skin as if he were sanding wood. The gush of fluid was lessened somewhat this time, but it appeared that she was coming every few minutes now. His cock kicked up a notch, a lurch in his pants that made him imagine steam leaking from between the teeth of his zipper. Bracing the Hitachi on the mattress, he retrieved his short crop.

She yelped at the first smack as one clothes pin snapped off of her tit and landed on the bed beside her. Looking at her pussy, he saw the tell-tale trail of white oozing around the dildo. He repeated the slap, the snap and fall of the pegs until her tit was bruised — and peg-free. He gave the squished nipple a few quick slaps; her whimpers of distress was echoed in the throb from his balls.

Holding the vibe steady on her pussy, he tugged the duct tape off of her thighs, releasing the dildo. It slipped from her cunt with a gush of cum. He flicked off the Hitachi, then released her other tit from the sucker. It was swollen and reddened, the nipple engorged. Just for fun he slapped that one with the crop as well.

Working methodically, he packed his gear, setting his bag by the door. He untied her right foot, then her left. She had no kick left, laying totally drained. Smiling at the punny metaphor, he freed her left hand, then slipped off the gag. When she woke from her orgasm-overloaded sleep, she’d easily be able to free her other hand.

He popped off the lights on his way out the door.




17 thoughts on “Tease

    1. LadyP…that’s why it IS a fantasy. Sorry you didn’t enjoy it but one can’t win them all.
      Non-consensual sex is a hot trigger for many of us pervs…and rape fantasy? Out of this world fantasy. Does that mean I think rape is good in real life? Of course not. Ergo, fantasy.
      And sexism?
      Darling…this is *my* world. Sexism is rather the root of most of what I write, wouldn’t you say?


      1. Dear Nilla
        Let me clarify. I think by now you have an idea of my preferences, and that rape stories tend to scare me more than excite me. You used to warn about dragons….?
        Should I not comment, when I feel something else than aroused? That I don’t like it, doesn´t mean that it was badly written – on the contrary – the story arises feelings in me that I don’t like: Reading “Tease” I felt scared, enraged, humiliated. Rape is one of my greatest fears, not a turn-on. For me. I know it is for you. My comment was meant just as that – that this story made me shudder, not wet. I didn’t write that it was wrong or bad.
        Sincerely, LadyP

      2. Hi LadyP….it definitely helps to have that explanation…your first reply was terse–and I confess to not understanding where you were coming from. I will try to remember to label my more Dragony stories…that’s my bad, to be sure. Let’s forgive one another and continue onward, shall we?



    2. And if Richard III were real, it would be infanticide and cold-blooded murder by a narcissistic, womanizing psychopath. If just half the literature in the world were “real”… but is that ‘really’ why we read literature — of any kind?

      But setting that aside, I didn’t read it the same way. Given that she never once behaved like a woman in fear (let alone of her life), I decided that they must have had a prior relationship — even if this was their first sexual encounter.

      1. Thanks Will for summing up nicely what I struggled to say. This *waves hand at blog/computer* storytelling bit is fantasy. Some of it is dark and scary and erotic (fear is a turn on for me)…and some of it is sweet and happy ever after…but it’s all a series of fantasies, and that is the essence of fiction.
        I left the story open that way, so that people could draw their own conclusions as to what was going on between them, aside from the obvious. I have written other stories where I’ve explained either in a slick ending, or in the opening, the relationship. I felt it added to the fear/unknown to leave it up to the readers to decide what was happening here.


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