HNT-His Collar

One new rule this year has been one that I really enjoy–it’s simple but effective in reminding me that I’m His…I must wear my collar to bed on the night when I get my weekly O (Tuesday)…

The collar is heavy, and with sections that catch in my hair and sometimes pinch at my skin–it’s awareness at a base level. Every time I wake during the night, and when I rise in the morning–I feel it, and I’m flooded with the reminder that I’m not just a vanilla wife and mother–I’m also His slut.


6 thoughts on “HNT-His Collar

    1. yes! Exactly so. There is no oppressive weight, no horrible pain with wearing it, just the tiniest bit of each to serve to remind me of–and connect me to– Him.


    1. I do…I think about it all day long, longing for bedtime for that connection. An amazing and subtle bit of ‘ownership’…


  1. I hesitated to ask this because it may be a really dumb question, but are you allowed to wear it at times when you simply want to – like when you need a little more feeling of connection? Or is it only worn at specific times as directed?

    1. Totally not a dumb question. And I usually only wear it to play times…I’ve never actually asked Him about that. That’s actually a really good idea for those times when I’m feeling down and lonely for him.

      See? Not a dumb question — just a really good seed you planted there!


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