Questions? OH, I’ve got answers.

I keep forgetting to post this–but March is question month in the sexy blogosphere..and here we are, a third of the way through it already!

Do you have a question? I answer almost anything except for details. I’m pretty open, as you might know if you’ve been here any time at all. But if you have something you want to know, ask away.

I’m going to be quiet here this weekend, busy with life. Next week I’ll be here a bit, certainly to answer questions you all post to me. You can respond in comments, or you can write me an email. Let me know if you want to NOT have me respond on the blog–else it might be a blog post.

Last weekend of winter, you pervs…thank all the gods!! Go forth and warm yourselves! You can let me know if you find a really awesome way to warm up…now there’s some good blogging fodder!

Peace, peeps.