Questions? OH, I’ve got answers.

I keep forgetting to post this–but March is question month in the sexy blogosphere..and here we are, a third of the way through it already!

Do you have a question? I answer almost anything except for details. I’m pretty open, as you might know if you’ve been here any time at all. But if you have something you want to know, ask away.

I’m going to be quiet here this weekend, busy with life. Next week I’ll be here a bit, certainly to answer questions you all post to me. You can respond in comments, or you can write me an email. Let me know if you want to NOT have me respond on the blog–else it might be a blog post.

Last weekend of winter, you pervs…thank all the gods!! Go forth and warm yourselves! You can let me know if you find a really awesome way to warm up…now there’s some good blogging fodder!

Peace, peeps.

14 thoughts on “Questions? OH, I’ve got answers.

    1. LOL ancilla…Only specifics about where I live, what my real name is (tho frankly, I think of myself a LOT as “nilla”…and in fact this is what Master has called me since day one, along with several of my “crossover” friends, those I’ve met in real life. Those are the “I can’t answer those” questions.


    1. Hi Kelly,

      no my wife is not kinky at all. We talked about it, but we’ve not shared a bed in a decade plus. She does not know about M, no. Believe me, it is something that I grapple with *every* day.


  1. What exactly does it feel like to have either your tits or pussy caned/cropped? Is it the pain or the submissiveness that arouses you or both?

    1. Hi Rick,

      What does it feel like? ON the tits it’s a quick sharp pain that then burns…there’s an elasticy (for lack of a better word) resonance there, and some of the force of the blow travels through it…the bruises form fast and deeply. He’s only caned my pussy a very few times…it hurts a lot more there. Less meat, perhaps? It stings and burns but the sting lasts longer there (more receptors for feeling?)

      I am definitely aroused by pain. I enjoy submitting. I’d say the pain is more arousing than the submission, but even when He isn’t hurting me, when I kneel for Him? That aroused me. I guess it might be like the difference in getting turned on by watching porn on the ‘puter, which can be erotically stimulating, and being there in person…the intensity ramps up more. Which is a convoluted way of saying that they both turn me on, but submitting by itself is a mild turn on compared to submitting to Him hurting me.


  2. Okay, here’s what I want to know.

    When ‘making love to’/fucking a woman from behind, a man feels powerful, dominant, viscerally elemental and carnal. And it’s exquisitely visual: the site of her hips, her waist, her curves, the proffered submissiveness of her posture, the way her pussy and anus are so completely offered and vulnerable. (And the curl of her spine 😉 Penetrating her in this position is the most exquisite pleasure for the cock. The first opening of her pussy is like a succulent kiss that swallows the head, and the the ability to push/thrust so deeply, so completely inside a woman — to feel that moist, heat and invitation inside her, caressing, squeezing and sucking expectantly. Again, that feeling of dominance, possessiveness, power. A man wants to spank, to pull the hair, to hear in the woman her yelps, cries, grunts as he thrusts, as if her every sound, as he imagines, tells him of her submission.

    So, if you’re still in your seat. My question: What does it feel like for the woman? Is it reciprocal? Or does she imagine something entirely different when fucked like this? Is she in her own world? — Or is the connection also viscerally carnal? Does she imagine submission and surrender — or is this only in the man’s imagination? 🙂

      1. *fans face*

        when he pulls my hair he owns me. I fall inside my head, but fall up…I’m there, connected to him by those fingers in my hair, the painful tug, the territorial growls, bites, physical control. I’m there, right there…and in space flying. Connected by skin, by touch, by the sharp slap of a large hand on my butt, by the entry of his cock as he tugs me back into his thrust. My head drops to the bed (if he lets my hair go) and my ass goes up, the ultimate picture of surrender, yes? He takes, uses, fucks, pinches, touches, and in return I open, flower, flow, clutching his cock with my inner convulsions, clutching the sheets to hold onto my place in this world….I feel everything, attenuated to even the very air that moves across my skin which is hot and sensitive and responsive. Coming leaves me languid, sometimes unaware. Sometimes speaking words I can’t remember later. The ultimate in subspace, the ultimate in his possession of me, to make me come unglued. After, holding me, we are connected even more, warm, sated, bound together.


    1. well geezuz…



      well…*swallows* Pauses. Shakes head.

      I’m sorry…uh…what was the question again…?


      i’d have to say from my own experience…it’s …kind of a taking…i’m *giving* it–kind of– but it’s more of a taking, wouldn’t you say? In the world and in subspace, to be sure…maybe right from the get-go…connected there, connected by the taker as she…as I…am owned by the cock inside me…and..letting my body be what it needs to be…the sheath. Do I arch my back a bit more to invite the deepening thrusts? Yes…is it conscious, or the body and mind working together to full submissiveness? I don’t know…the arch is the surrender, and the submission, and … the gifting.


    1. oh, that’s a good question. I usually find that growth happens as a result of unexpected happenstance, so I don’t really *know* what will happen. If you mean what would I actively seek out as growing? I might want to try (really try) some colorwork knitting, knitting with multiple colors at the same time. I’ve not had the time to delve much into that. D/s wise? I’m not sure. I obviously haven’t done it all … and there are some things that I couldn’t because of unexplainablity…but are there things that I’d want to grow towards? I’ve kind of been plodding forward there too…scattered and rushed and …I really need to think about this. 😀 Terrific question.


  3. If you and your wife had continued to have frequent “vanilla” relations, do you think you would’ve gone looking for a Dom? Would that have been enough to sustain you or was the need to explore this aspect of your personality too strong to ignore?

    1. Hi Barbara,
      I’ve given this a lot of thought. I’d been looking/reading blogs and websites for about a year before I ever started my own. I found …an answer, I guess, to things I’d thought about and felt for my whole life.

      Would I have ever gone in search of sex blogs if we still had a sexual relationship? I’d have to say, likely not. It was that lack of sex, and a really sexual drive that spurred me into looking. I think if that itch had been scratched that there would be no vanillamom, no Master, no sexy stories.

      Good question.


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