Still here…kinda…

That fucking time change thing…it grabbed me by the ass and whacked me around (think cartoon character here, folks!)…I’ve finally turned the corner, I think, and have started sleeping again…you know, it really helps to get a good rest.

My outlook has been dour, my mood has been sour, my everything has just been ‘off’…and while a blog can be a good format for venting…there wasn’t any one thing to vent about.

But with any luck, M and I will be meeting soon…and a good spanking will cure a lot of ills, don’t you find? It will calm the raving bitchies in my head, make me cry out my frustrations, smooth me over while he bangs me butt…

Much to look forward to…


6 thoughts on “Still here…kinda…

  1. You’re the second person today to say they need a spanking…I got the one I needed last Friday. Maybe you’re right, maybe this time change fucked with all of us. My fingers and toes are crossed that you’ll get your much-needed spanking sooner rather than later.

    1. There is nothing like that cathartic release of a spanking. 😀 Won’t happen any time soon..but hopefully someday. For now I’ll settle for a chance to have a cuppa with Him, and kissing His beardy face.


    1. I do. We won’t. But maybe a bit of face time this weekend. Not the playtime I was hoping for but you take what you can and suck it up when you can’t. 😀


    1. I’ve gotten two days with good sleep, so I’m feeling some better. I read something about that last solar storm, and how it’s affected a TON of people with the energy burst (makes sense since we run on our own personal electricity)…and how a BUNCH of people have been waking up at 2 a.m. (of which I am one). Whether it is bunk or fact? I dunno–but I was really glad to read it and not feel like I was the only proddy bitch in the northeast. 😀


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