Because I’m That Naughty Girl

I have a question for YOU…

Has anyone done submission while pregnant? I have this story in my head but this could be too much for here (might even be too much for the Dark blog…


I’m insanely curious about this.

8 thoughts on “Because I’m That Naughty Girl

  1. So…what do you mean by “done submission?” I certainly was a switch while pregnant – so I had times of dominance and times of submission. So now I’m insanely curious! Email me!


  2. One of Master’s oldest online friends is a female submissive and she tells a story about how she went into labour halfway through a play scene. Her Dom had previously banned her from any play in the last few weeks of her pregnancy because he was uncomfortable with hitting her in her condition (first time parents), but she went crazy with wanting to play and pestered him so much that he relented and flogged her. And, yep, halfway through her water broke and she tried to convince him to keep going but he restrained her and carted her off to the hospital. The marks can’t have been bad because she said nobody raised an eyebrow at the hospital. 😉
    Now, I have no idea if it’s *true* or not, but it’s a good story. And I do so love your dark stuff, Nilla.

    -r. x

    1. Thank you rose! Both for the story (which even if it’s half true is still a great story!) and for the kind words about the darker stuff. I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately. That helped. 😀


    1. OH, that was lovely! Thanks Dee for adding a visual reference to what I was trying to picture in my head (I’ve never been pregnant either!)


  3. it depends what you mean by submission. if you mean kinky play then yes, of course. we have a huge gaggle of kids and i get insanely horney when i’m pregnant. I’ve also found that a nice hand spanking is the only effective treatment for pregnancy nausia!

    we tend to be very careful of my tits so as not to damage the milk duct system and I have experienced AWFUL pregnancy related hemeroids which have halted anal play till they’ve cleared up. It’s also a good idea to avoid certain positions after a while, any extremes of temperature and any electro play. A lot of what we do is in our heads though, so that’s ok, so long as hormones are carefully monitored… state of mind can do all sorts of weird things in pregnancy.

    1. Thank you mckitten! That is exactly the sort of thing that I needed to know! You’re comment came at a great time as I contemplate the next chapter!


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