Bound to Serve (1)

She checked one last time to make sure all was in place before His arrival back home. They didn’t always have the time for this, but when it was possible, she made it happen. Imagining the pleasure on His face, she quickly moved to the front door as she heard His car turn into the driveway. Dressed as He preferred – black wisps of lace covering tits and pussy, shiny black stiletto’s on her feet- she moved into position. Head down, offering her submission. Ass and pussy up, offering her body. Her arms  stretched back along her sides, ready to open herself for His pleasure. She quivered in anticipation. His shoe scuffed the steps, His footfalls sounded on the front porch, His key slid into the lock. The door opened, and if she’d had the daring to look at Him, she would have seen Him pause and smile. He stood with the door opened wide, as if inviting the world to see what she was offering to Him. It always made her shiver with embarrassment. Not that many people traveled down their cul-de-sac but the possibility was there…and didn’t that make it all the more naughty? After an eternity, the door shut, the lock was turned.

She scarcely could breathe through her own excitement. She didn’t know what He would say. Didn’t know what He would do. The anticipation made her wet.

He said nothing as He hung up His keys, placed His briefcase on the floor by the door, nor as He slid His coat onto a hanger and placed it into the closet. He slipped off His work shoes, and while she might have hoped for a quick swipe of one across her waiting bottom, she heard His feet going up the stairs.

She would wait, then. The anticipation continued to grow as the floor in the playroom creaked over her head. Not knowing what He was doing, yet knowing He was planning something only served to make her pussy even wetter.


He came downstairs and moved to stand behind her. Something cool tickled along the small of her back, and she knew what it was immediately.

The short whip.

In quick succession, he flogged along her bottom, nicely raised for His pleasure. Small grunts and moans came from her, spurring His hand to move faster, making his cock begin to swell.

“Open,” He spoke tersely.

Obediently, her hands slid behind her, grabbing her ass and opening her most private parts to Him. The short whip snapped along her split, striking her anus several times before He changed the angle and hit her pussy. Her breath came in short pants, the pain mingling with excitement. He turned the angle again, striking up the arms that held her ass open. He watched the trembling of her body, loving the bloom of welts and red appearing on her skin.

The sound of the stove timer interrupted Him as he lashed His way down her thighs.

For a moment He said nothing, His hands moving over the hot flesh of her bottom. One fingertip traced along the reddened cleft, pausing a moment to push against her now swollen anus.

“I’m going to enjoy fucking that.”

He stepped away. Moments later she heard him turn on the water in the kitchen and the accompanying splashing of hand-washing.


She rose, somewhat unsteady with the desire running rampant. Her bottom ached, her pussy ached, her nipples were hard nuggets. All sent messages of need to her clit. Moving to the sink, she too washed her hands, before moving about the kitchen to finish preparing His meal. He was already sitting at the table, waiting. Quickly she prepared His plate, poured His wine. Taking up the tray, she carried it so that her tits would be displayed as well. She smiled coyly to herself. Two could play the tantalize game, after all.

Setting the tray on the dining room table, she set his wine down, pausing a moment to fiddle with the place setting. Her breast was right by His head, the hard nipple poking through the silk in invitation. She lifted the plate and put it carefully in front of him, the breast now all but in his face. His hand lifted from the table and hooked in her bra.

“Teasing your Dom is a dangerous game, little one. I could push you right down, right here and fuck you.”

“I’m sure my Master wouldn’t want to let His roast go to waste,” she teased.

“I’d just eat it off your belly when I was done fucking your asshole,” He said, in the same light tone. She cleared her throat, the sudden image of mashed potatoes and meat stuck on her, His mouth working on her belly stabbed a shock of raw lust straight up her cunt.

She couldn’t straighten with His finger holding her in place by her bra. Not daring to meet His eyes, she stayed.

“Under the table, slut,” He said, pinching one nipple hard enough to make her gasp.

He didn’t offer His cock to her, which made the wait underneath interminable. At long last He slid the plate to the floor beside Him.

“Eat, slut.”

He’d cut the small bit of meat into tiny pieces, left a dash of potato. While she lapped at the meal, thanking Him after each bite, His fingers scraped over her hips, her bottom, her lower back. His nails were short, but firm, as He scored long scratches over her. She chewed, whimpering when He crossed a welt from His earlier beating.

Before she could finish, He bent and removed the plate.

“That’s sufficient. Come.”

Obediently she followed Him, her heart thrilling as He led her downstairs, to the dungeon, rather than the more tame upstairs playroom.


The rope was tight. Her breasts ballooned out, turning a turgid shade of purple, her nipples throbbed under the heavy clamps. His beast was running rampant tonight. He’d paddled her, caned her thighs, brought her to tears, and kept her on the edge of an orgasm for ever.

But He had yet to fuck her.

Her throat was wrapped in a tight collar of His crafting, her arms stretched ahead of her. Her legs were kept open, secured to a homemade spreader bar. Her hips were supported by the  short rough table He’d crafted with His own hands, leaving her tits to hang free. She wore nothing but the rope–and a coat of sweat.

A cold splash hit her asscrack, and she whimpered.

“Shut up.”

The tone was amused. He kept the lube in the downstairs fridge just to torture her. He kept the anal plugs in the freezer for the same reason. She felt a hard sting and jolted.

“OW!” she yelped as it happened again.

“I saw this on the internet. Someone did it to their slut’s tits, but I figured it would work on your asshole.”

“What–OUCH!–the hell is that…Master…” she gasped as several more snaps hit the center of her puckered anus.

“Elastic bands. Those big ones you brought home from the office? Perfect for this.”

He used it again all around her ass, the quick sting surprisingly painful. He moved to the front, snapped her forearm, laughing as she yelped, before attacking her tits. Her ‘oh fucks!’ made Him grin as He hit one tit, then the other. He was hard as a fucking rock, the need to fuck her warring with the need to continue the rough play. Releasing her tits from the tight bondage, and taking up His short crop, He enjoyed watching the pain dance across her face. Swatting her boobs, watching the color change from purple to deep ruddy red as the blood returned, His excitement grew. Yet He carefully returned the crop to its proper place before moving behind her.

The slick trail of lube glistened in the gap of her ass. His cock pressed against the swollen hole there. Her whimpers only fed the desire to take more from her. His hand snagged in her hair, pulling her head back.

“Let me fucking in,” He growled. She pushed as if having a poop, and He pressed. Her anus was swollen, the thick tightness grabbing His cock tightly. So fucking tight, So fucking hot.

It had never felt this intense. The intrusion of His cock in her bum always made her cringe. It hurt. It really hurt. But it felt so amazing too.

“Sir, I need to cum!” She begged, the need sudden, hot and urgent.

“Let that little cunt of yours go!”

He slapped her hips as He fucked her ass. Her fingers clenched, her head pulled back by her hair, she screamed as the orgasm shuddered through her. With every thrust through her sore asshole, she cried out.


“Oh, hurts!”

“I fucking love it when it hurts,” His growl shivered along her skin, turning her on. How she loved when He just took. When He used her as she wanted, needed Him to use her. How it fed her.


He pulled away from her, His rigid shaft bobbing. The need to cum made His balls ache. His hands made quick work releasing her. With a fistful of hair, He all but threw her onto the big table. Her wrists were secured in the cuffs mounted at the corners. Tugging her hips, He positioned her so that her cunt was right at the edge, almost hanging off. He pressed her knees up, wrapping rope in a quick tie. He called it the Chicken Wing, which amused them both. Threading a last line around the wrap, up and through the bindings, He tugged her knee to the side, securing it with a carabiner. Her other leg was also wrapped, pulled open, secured.

Her pussy was exposed, all the folds and secret places revealed. Red and swollen from being beaten, teased, and tormented, her juices glistened in a steady ooze from the hole that beckoned His cock. Her clit jutted, erect and prominent.

She arched and moaned as His mouth landed on her. His lips sucked on her clit, His fingers slipping easily inside of her. He’d given open permission to cum, which meant that He was going to torture her with many orgasms. She came as His teeth worried at her clit, kept coming as His fingers played along all the sensitive places He knew would unglue her. Her clit was on fire, sensitive and tender, yet still His mouth suckled. Her cries of pleasure became groans of agony as He continued.

He rose, smiling at her. Eyes closed, head back, her body shivered and shook from the paroxysms He’d created. Using pleasure as torture was a favorite game. But now His cock needed release.  With a single thrust He was inside of her, her cunt clenching around Him. She was slick with juice, and hot, so fucking hot. The primal urge to take beat in Him. Fingers digging into her hips, His cock hammered into her. If she came once or a hundred times, He didn’t know, didn’t care. The curve of her body, the marks He’d laid upon her glowing, her tits bobbling from the force of His driving need–all combined to set fire to the Beast that exploded as the reins of civility fell away.

He took. He ravaged. He ground into her, His cock screwing deep into her belly. Her body welcomed each thrust, grabbing His shaft as if trying to keep Him inside of her forever. When His balls tightened, when His semen exploded in raw pulses, He was drained, exhausted. For a moment, He rested there upon her, His head between her tits. Her heart raced under His ear. His cock, now as sensitive as her clit, slowly shrank, withdrawing with reluctance from the hot warm cave it was nestled in. With a deep breath, He rose, and set about releasing her.

It was time for bed. Cradling her, He carried her upstairs, and together they fell into a deep and restful sleep.

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