Bound to Serve (3)

Her moans were like arrows of lust. His cock was so hard He wondered if He would be able to lower the fly of His jeans without nicking flesh. Pressing the metal plug into her asshole he watched the rosy-brown sphincter slowly yield to the steady pressure.  The puckery flesh was stretching, stretching; the silver bulb  was swallowed by the inner pink of her rectum.

Head crooked to the side as the plug slid home, He could watch the slick pink lips of her cunt quiver. The scent from her was heady, musky lust. Turning the handle of the anal plug, drawing whimpers from her as He tugged and pushed it, made His cock throb. With a hard slap to her ass, He rose and stripped.

Head down on the bed, hands tied to her thighs, her ass was raised for His pillaging. The anal plug was cold, hatefully cold. Yet her pussy throbbed when it was fully seated in her butt. Though she whined when He played with the plug, it hit all the interesting places inside of her. The need to cum grew, as did the ache in her stretched hole. Such a dichotomy, loving and hating anal.

His hand reached between her thighs, finding her tit and tugging the nipple. Small elastics had been wrapped around them, the pain an insidious burn that grew slowly, until it would become an incredible pain.

Her tits were so tender already.

Fingers tugged one pain-wracked nipple, then the other. She yelped into the mattress, which only inspired Him to pinch and twist them more.

“Does that hurt, little girl?”

Her head lifted fractionally off the bed as she panted out a raspy-voiced “yes, YES, Sir! Hurts!”


He pinched again as her head fell back to the bed, as her moans became tears. If she could have crawled away, she would have, but the spreader bar that He’d affixed to the front of her thighs prevented that motion. She was open, accessible, immobile.

And so fucking turned on.

Hot steely cock slid into her sheath. The heat of her made Him moan. The hard thickness of His cock made her groan. He was buried, balls deep in a heartbeat. The turgid shaft filled her. The bulb of the plug in her ass rubbed Him as He slid deep, massaging Him even as her cunt clamped and clenched on Him. She’d been hornier, needier, greedier for sex and pain since the day he’d found the blue plus sign on His plate.

The combination was an erotic and emotional overload.

He had a fuck-crazed wife. And His baby in her belly.

Rocking gently at first, He moved His hips in gentle circles, not fucking, just teasing her. Grunts became whines as she tried to pull away or push back.

“Little girl need something?”

“Fuck me you Bastard!”

“Such a dirty mouth you have, slut.”

“PLEASE, fuck me you teasing ASSHOLE.”

“Oh, asshole, did you say?”

He tugged the plug, until it was half-in, half-out of her anus. He could see the taut stretch, feel the quiver in her pussy.

“OW! OW that hurts…Please?…Please Sir…”

He pulled it a moment longer, slowly, slowly allowing the plug to slide free, her puckered hole to start to close. Then, feeling her relief as a palpable thing, he renewed the torment, and shoved it hard into her ass.

When she reared, her back arching, He saw the invitation there, the ‘come-fuck-me’ of her body. The curl of spine, the tilt of hip, the sucking of her cuntlips against His groin; all spoke one word to Him: FUCK!

He obliged, releasing the plug and grabbing her hips. He tugged her back, shoving her against His belly, His balls swinging with the vigor of His movements. Pulling back, He slammed forward again, His cock parting her wet chasm, spearing her in the most primal way. Head down, ass up, offering submission and body, He took until, shaking, He spurted His semen deep inside her.


Her nipples were still ruddy, bruised from the elastics, and the vigorous sucking He’d done before they were released. How she’d screetched at that, her nipples on fire with pain, as He suckled. He drank in her expressions, the pain, the tears. He loved watching her in pain, just as much as He loved watching her now in sleep. Freed from His ropes, exhausted from orgasms, she slept deeply. Tracing His finger over that one pert nipple, He reached down and tugged up the blankets. Wrapping her in His arms, they slept.