Just How Many Tit Pictures Can There Be? HNT

Sometimes I forget that Master is a tit guy. Like…a *wicked* tit guy. So I forget to send Him pictures unless He says something that jostles my memory, teases me, or flat out demands one.

It was a silly conversation about an outfit that I asked for permission to purchase that spawned this shot. The outfit was *gorgeous*…but though it fit lovely through the waist and hips, it was WAAAY fucking HUGE on the cups. I’m sure there are those of you out there with capatious enough boobage to fit…but mine looked totally shrunken and tiny flopping around in that too-large top. I sent it back, and told Him about it, because, you know, getting Him to allow me to buy new sexy things is a major coup…and to have to send it back? (I tried to convince Him that a $130 dildo was a great idea. He told me if I spent that much money to stuff something in my holes that HE’d stuff something up my ass so big that I wouldn’t sit right for a month. {not sure why that amuses me but I’m perverse that way}) Yeah, sending it back was WAY frustrating!

So He started sending me texts about my “teeny tits”. It was funny and embarrassing. So I had to respond. Not with words. No, that never gets me anywhere. But this did:


“Oh…okay,” He replied when I sent this. “phew.”