(Taking a short break between story chapters…my goodness I’ve been having some wild sex dreams lately! Needed to capture this before I forgot it! ~nilla~)

Her head was pulled back, the angle uncomfortable but bearable. From here she could see the rails that ran around the four-poster bed, admire the strong screws holding them securely. Which held her securely.

He pushed her leg back, moving the knotted loop closer towards the top of the bed. A soft hmmmm of nervous anticipation sang from her throat.

“Shush,” she heard him murmur through the fog of lust. Her other leg was similarly treated, pushed forward like the other, until she could clearly see the neon pink of her toenails. She could also see the white rope that he had wrapped tightly around her ankles, and the  loop of rope snaked up and over the rails. Her legs hung like a curtain, splayed open, unable to close, unable to move.  What a picture she must make to him, the still-rational part of her mind thought. Her cunt and ass were open, available, exposed. She was totally accessible for anything he wanted to do to her. Her head was pulled back, ponytail hidden under her and tied securely to the end of the anal hook. He’d taken great pleasure in inserting that fucking huge ball  into her ass. Any movement of her head, her body, made the ball at the end of the hook move inside of her. Though she’d expected, after that rough insertion, for there to be deep pain, it turned out not to be the case. Far from painful (aside from the stretching of her asshole when she moved), it was incredibly erotic. She was so turned on. If he touched her anywhere, she would cum.

The bed moved just a bit as he moved over the mattress around her. A sharp pain against her thigh made her jolt. His teeth nipped again, working up towards the back of her knee. She giggled and snorted and moaned, trying to keep as still as possible as he tormented her. It hurt, those nips, but it also was the meanest of torture. She was so fucking ticklish.

His head eventually settled between her thighs, his beard tickling along her slit.

“Smells hot here. There’s all this wetness here. Wonder where that’s coming from?”

His face pressed hard into her crotch, as he blew and snorted and ticked her with lips, tongue, and teeth. She laughed, squealed, wriggled, moving the big silver ball in her bum.

“I can’t find it. Maybe here?”

Lips clamped over her clit, sucking hard. Moans became whimpers as he continued to suck. It felt so fucking good. It hurt a bit too. She yelped when his teeth closed over the tender and swollen flesh.


The pain was the catalyst for an orgasm. As the peak caught her, his fingers slid inside as if trying to tug  another orgasm out of her body. They curled and dove, twisting and teasing her. He was driving her mad with the frenzy of orgasms. Her pussy ached, throbbed from his unceasing attention. Sensitive, she thought she moaned to him, but he never did stop. At long last, the time hazy and fragmented, his lips moved away, his tongue lapping at her juiced up slit, and she slid under the dark.

The ripple of an aftershock caught her. She roused, groggy from sensual overload.  Her moan was captured in his mouth. She wondered when he had moved. He covered her, his body warm and firm over hers. She tasted herself on his tongue as he pillaged her mouth as he had her cunt. She whimpered as his cock filled her, rubbing deeply her tender inner flesh. She hurt,she ached for him. For more. For less. For him to stop. For him to never stop. The aftershock flowed into another spasm. He filled her so tightly, the rub of his shaft against the fat ball in her butt drew new sensations from her. She was bound, helpless to do anything other than submit, to be given orgasm after orgasm, and to take all that he gave. His big hands captured her tits as he nestled into the cocoon of her body. Using her tits for leverage, he fucked her hard, fucked her deep. She came, came again, near to fainting with the continual assault of pleasure.

He grunted, squeezing hard, his mouth suddenly brutal on hers, biting her lips, sucking her tongue. Her bottom lip swelled as he bit then sucked it; she tasted the copper tang of blood.

His hips ground into her, his cock fully buried in her twitching with his driving need to be deeper. Her cunt grabbed at his shaft, her body convulsed in a huge and explosive orgasm. Twitching, moaning, grunting, the two ground against each other, animals in mating mode. His hand slapping her cheek, her tit, her hip. His demand to come again as his cock swelled, as he began to pump his juice deep into her belly was answered by her growling acquiescence, by the shivers and convulsions of her cunt as her sex honey coated him.

Drained, used, utterly exhausted, they slept.