Stats ‘n Stuff

You know, I’ve been writing this here blog for a long while now…hardly seems like I’m the same fear-filled, desperate and sad woman who started it in a fit of pique over my “real” life. How things have changed.

It helped me immeasurably to have this outlet–to write and share my naughty fantasies, from rotten mechanics to outdoor sex camps to octopii tales. We all are sick fucks, in our way…and coming to accept that about myself was not only cathartic…but freeing.

Hi, my name is nilla and I’m a sick fuck.


Yeah. Say it to yourself a few times. No, not *my* name, silly! Use YOUR  name. At first it’s a delicious and naughty thrill, isn’t it? And then it’s worrisome. And then (provided you’re not using your pervies to plan on harming someone who is NOT in the lifestyle, who is NOT giving consent) you come to that place in your head where you nod sagely and go, yeah. okay, I’m a sick fuck, but that’s okay.

Because everyone has fantasies. Ours are just of a somewhat (okay, a lot of) perverted  nature, that’s all. In my real life, I’m a wife and mother and employee and employer and a hard worker and and and. But in my head? I’m always looking at things and making up stories about “what if” and “oh boy wouldn’t that be sexy and naughty” and…well, you know…

And I’ve written a TON of posts over these last 5 1/2 years. I’d say about 10% of them are like this…my sitting with a cuppa and chatting with you. But thus far I’ve committed more than 1930 pieces on this blog, which is a pretty big  chunk of words, really, and doesn’t take into account any of my forays into other blogs that I’ve written. (The only active one now is Dark Fantasies, and that only gets a few stories a month if I’m lucky.)

So — I kind of have a feel for what stories you all are drawn to. Some peeps read both active blogs, some read only here, and some only read DF. I know a lot of you, despite being pervie peeps, are here to enjoy my favorite writing, Happy Ever After’s. (My favorite to write, too!)

I can look back at my stats and see which stories are still hanging with people. I love that about WordPress–stats are there for every single thing I write. But here’s the thing…there’s this ONE story that I wrote early on in the blog. February of 2010, to be exact.

This story still gets at least ONE hit–every single day.


EVERY SINGLE DAY. For over 5 years now. This story has more hits than any other thing I’ve ever written. If this is YOUR doing, then thank you. I don’t know if it’s the same person or not, and I really don’t mind if it is or isnt’. I just find it fascinating that this one simple little tale has garnered that sort of loyalty. Thank you pervie peep (or peeps), for making Octopus Vulgaris your number one nilla tale.

So…how are *you* doing, peeps? I hate to say it, but it is supposed to snow here again tomorrow. I’m inured to caring. We had intense fog yesterday and fog eats snow. I’ve finally seen the grass in my backyard for the first time in two months. My front yard is nearly bare. My crocii are poking up. There is hope on the horizon, folks, that spring will indeed come to New England this year.

Or so “they” say.

(My allergies say it is coming…!)

Well, peeps, my teacup is empty, and I need a shower. It’s time to get my day back on track. Next week I’ll have more time to write, this one was surprisingly busy. I like busy, it makes the days go by until spring arrives.  I’m so anxious to get windows open and air out the house. It might be warm enough to do that for a few hours next week. Cross your fingers.

Have a perfectly pervy weekend, peeps!