What. The. Fuck. (Viewpoint One)

Inspired by one of those crazy search terms…”alien rape, creature sucking tits”…thanks anonymous surfer! This ones for you.  Dragons ahead! ~nilla~

She woke in the night. Completely disoriented, she patted the nightstand for her phone.


Blinking, she looked again. Why the fuck was she awake at two-fucking-thirteen in the a. fucking m. anyway? She felt something under the blanket. She kicked at it, but the feeling of weight was still there. Wriggling, she attempted to sit, but found she couldn’t rise. She reached for her phone but her fingers never quite made it, scrabbling madly for it as it pushed away, just out of reach. Fuck, fuck, fuck!

A hard breath wheezed from her lips at a sudden, very distinct, sucking against her right tit.

What. The. Fuck.

She said it aloud, pressing down her body as she spoke. Her voice didn’t sound strong, but panicked. Her fingers touched a rubbery mass, and flicked away in fear.

Something was on her. 

Worse? Something was very definitely slurping on her tit. Maybe. Maybe she wasn’t really awake. Maybe it was some auto-erotic dream sequence. So desperate for a fuck that she was imagining fucking aliens.

The literal kind.

Something oozed across her body, enveloping her other tit, tingling against her nipple. She cursed her habit of sleeping nude. Her legs kicked, and she tried gingerly plucking at whatever the goop was. It didn’t move, but it did hold her fingers. Stuck, she wriggled harder, until she felt the ooze arrowing faster now, down her body.

“No! No…ohgawdnonono….”

It only took seconds for the ooze to reach her pussy, to press its way into the tight slit there and thicken. Her lips were coated in it, sucked and squeezed and tingled by it. A strange languor crept over her, coupled with an evergrowing urge for sex.

Fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me.

Had she spoken aloud? Was it in her mind?


It oozed upward, sliding up over her mouth, blocking her whimpers, absorbing them. Her nostrils were full of it, scentless but thick, the urge to sneeze passed as it filled her. How could she breathe? Shaking her head she tried to move it, coughing as it oozed into her throat from mouth and sinuses. There was a hot wet trickle slicking down, her body swallowing without thought.

Heat bloomed and her nipples and clit swelled. The ooze backed from her mouth and nose; drawing a deep breath, she panted as her pussy swelled, then filled with the thick weight of the creature possessing her. It grew bigger, bigger. Tears gathered, falling in silent streams down the sides of her face as it stretched her cunt wider than she had ever felt. Her clit was swollen, feeling like it would burst with sex need.

It fucked her. How could move like that, pistoning fast and hard and so fucking deeply? Her body quivered with the force of it. She’d never been taken so roughly, yet wanted more, still more. Her orgasms came without warning, a flood of liquid that only encouraged the sadistic rape.

She didn’t think she could take any more, but the growing, oozing creature continued to explore her body, finding the tight pucker of her anus and thinning itself, arrowed right into it. Once inside, it too grew, stretching the clenched muscle, forcing it open. The goo expanded, filling her rectum, fucking fast and hard, just as the invader of her cunt was.

Her tits were milked. She felt them swelling, her nipples aching with an unfamiliar feeling. She felt full, like her entire body would burst, despite the near constant squirting of her pussy juice. Back arching, she felt light, a tight-strung bow with an arrow set to fly. Her invader squeezed her tits hard, the sucking wild and intense, until it felt her nipples would rip from her body. Instead, jets of hot fluid gushed from them. Her moan was a steady sound as the creature sucked her dry.  Her cunt throbbed, rubbed raw despite the streams of cum. Her ass ached, stretched wider than she would have believed possible. She felt as though she had been fucked by baseball bats. The limb in her cunt grew thicker, longer, piercing her cervix. She screamed, a shocked cry of pain, quickly silenced by the ooze slipping up over her mouth. She tasted blood, that quick stab of copper as her lip split.

It was going to rip her apart.

There was heat. Wet, thick heat in her belly. She felt it fill her, belly expanding. The pounding of her cunt ceased, though the organ in her asshole continued plunging. Shivering as another orgasm slapped through her abused pussy, she whimpered through the gag it had oozed over her.

Her tummy grew bigger, filled with the beast’s thick fluid. Her womb ached with it, her clit screamed at the increased stimulation of her body. For a moment, she was sure her body would really explode. Arched, filled, every cell of  her body charged and throbbing with some indefinable thing that was happening to her, her cunt spasmed hard one last time. The orgasm came with a rush of fluid, eagerly sucked up by the ooze. So intense, so painfully wicked, she fainted.


She woke in the night. Completely disoriented, she patted the nightstand for her phone.


What the fuck was up with this waking up in the middle of the night shit, anyway? Third time this week, dammitall. With a huff of breath, she pounded her pillow and flipped to her side. Arm tucked up under her chin, she fell back asleep.


:last harvest completed. Heading home to Mothership:

A small bright light flashed against the night sky. The metro cop blinked, then smiled. He’d be able to tell his kid that he’d seen another shooting star–third one this week.


7 thoughts on “What. The. Fuck. (Viewpoint One)

    • I love that you like this so much JB…but I love you MORE for the extra idea there…male specimens…hmmmmm….

      *wicked, wicked grin*


  1. Just… horrible.

    What kind of creature would do this to a poor, innocent, female specimen? What could it have been thinking? [Clears throat.] Oh, *how* I wonder what it was thinking? [Cough.] Version *2*? Perhaps?

    • Laughing like a loon…You’re a nut. A loveable nut. But a nut. Thanks for all the behind-the-scene support, my friend. Hey, don’t let Tentacle read this….might give him ideas and THAT could be dangerous.


    • I’m so glad you liked it…and I’m not embarrassed to admit that writing this made me a bit ssquirmy in my seat too!


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