Wow…I had so many plans to have all week to write and BLAMMO…someone slaps a deadline in my face and my vanilla life has to take over.

I’m alive.

I’m half-way through writing the last viewpoint in my little tale, and hoping to get some breathing room …but not till next week I think.

I’m here because I need to jot down an idea for the DF blog…and to pop in and say HEY and I miss you all, and I’m alive and well and happy and busy…and it’s almost May and that means playtime with M at long, long last and I’ll get fucked and beaten and dear gods above how I need a spanking…


Yeah. I really do. I was having a convo with my writer friend Will Crimson about that, he noted how I write about pain and orgasms and need and it is because that is where my need lies…I do crave the pain. Orgasms are orgasms…always appreciated but the pain ? It clarifies things, clears my mind, turns me on, (I can have an orgasm from Master torturing my tits…) and makes me fly.

Okay, times up. Gotta fly!

night, peeps!

4 thoughts on “*waving*

    1. Well, and there ya go. 😀 That’s a great way to look at it! Hope things are going smoothly at your new digs!


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