HNT- Plainly Tits

*sound of screetching brakes*

Hiya pervie peeps…just skidding in here on my broomstick to splash my tits on the blog…gotta honor my obligations to M, now don’t I? (with playtime in the not so distant horizon, I’m working extra hard to be good. Of course M says that I’m never “good” because I’m just a horny slut (grins)…but I’m obedient which is quite a different thing.)

A quick aside here–He’s already tormenting me about playtime and had me babbling yesterday “…ba…uh…blr…” which sent Him into hysterics. How? What? Anal plugs in the freezer, and more time to be spent on torturing my feet…(my toes curl just thinking about that, and in an “OMG NO!” way, not in excitement.) I told Him that I hated that…and He replied “I know, that’s why it is one of my favorite things to do to you , nilla.”


Okay, time to get my broom going again *sound of revving engine*….Happy Half-Nekked Tits…er Thursday!