missing You so much the ache comes close to breaking me…

vanilla rushes in to steal those empty moments



and it’s YOU at LAST…

Your hug could bend steel

but I fold into You, yielding, and smile into Your neck.

I needed that so badly.

Needed You.

Your scent, Your touch, to touch Your face, taste your mouth–so many sensations I’m dizzy with them.

Sex and pain are great companions.

Mostly? I just need You.

The rest will come in time. But time without You?

Inconceivably horrible.

Thank You.

I needed that–needed You–and now?

I am once more, whole.

12 thoughts on “M

    1. Thanks abby! I’ve been smilin’ for days. Funny how just a wee bit of time with M can do that, change my mindset so beautifully.


    1. ME TOO! Wow what a long long long time. I hugged Him so fiercely–then again, He hugged back even moreso. 😀

      Those connections…we really do need them, don’t we?


  1. At long last! Glad you both had some time.. now plot for more~~~~ sigh .. finding time can be such a trial! HUGS!

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