Squeeze (2)

y’all…this was supposed to be a stand-alone but you threw SO many good “what-if’s” at me…how could I resist? uhm…does that make me “easy”? Yeah. I thought so too. 😀 ~nilla~

He sat across from her, glancing from the menu to smile at her. Frankly, that certain smile made her nervous as hell.

“Be a good girl, and go to the bathroom. Remove your panties and bring them to me. You don’t really need them. You’ll keep that sweet asshole of yours puckered up, not let any of my juice slip out. I have every faith.”

He tilted his head just that wee fraction, his eyes dancing with delighted mischief. So different from the brutal ass fucker of less than an hour ago. Now he was playful, teasing. She was so turned on, denied an orgasm, used only as a vessel for his pleasure. It was her joy to serve him thus, but she was so wet, and the seat of the chair would bear her mark if her undies were gone. And his boss was coming, for crissake. Her mouth opened, but the little curve at the corner of his mouth told her that asking for a reprieve would be pointless.

It didn’t take long to slip into the bathroom stall, remove her panties, wipe her moist slit, and wash her hands. The panties were folded into a discretely small package in the palm of her hand, ready to be handed off to him.

Her step faltered as she neared the table. A tall man was standing there talking to her husband, his back to her. Her skirt had no pockets, and she’d left her purse with him. Her hand clenched around the panties. What to do? She slowed her pace.

“There you are, come meet my boss.”

He turned. Stunning blue eyes, silver streaked hair, a wide smile. He was older than she’d expected. He exuded a magnetism that she was immediately drawn to. She’d been surprised when Sir had told her he was changing jobs last fall, but she felt something when he turned those intense eyes on her. It was no wonder that Sir had decided to leave a job he hated to work with this man. He had said that he’d never regretted it. He worked hard, but there were rewards. Financial. Reasonable hours. A great group of people to work with. And a boss who listened to his employees, cared about them, believed in the team he’d gathered around him. All this flashed through her head as she looked up into those amazing eyes.

He held out his hand to shake hers. Automatically she started to move hers forward, before the sensation of the panties made her stop. His large hands settled over hers, trapping her hand. And her panties.

His smile grew wider. She knew he knew. It came in one of those intuitive flashes. She knew that Sir had told him about them. The blush suffused her face, and she felt the sudden need to sit. Under the table, preferably. Or outside, in the car. When he released her hand, her panties were no longer in her possession.