HNT-Tired of the Nekkid?

Sometimes I wonder if all you all are just tired (bored?) with the titty show here every week. Not that I mind doing it (okay, sometimes I mind, which in turn makes it hot, because, you know, doing what I HAVE to do because HE ordered it, and doing it even when “i doan wanna”…all adds to the sick and dirty heat of it.)

Sometimes I’m totally uninspired about what to post…do I show bruises? Clap some clamp on there? Decorate them for flag day? Like, what? I’ve been posting titty pix here weekly for nigh onto 6 years or so now, that’s 300 tit pix. Normal tits, not those porn star perfectly sculpted by man kind of silicone bag tits. So sometimes they are droopy and sometimes my bra is squishing them, and once in a while HIS hand is holding one or the other…

A reader wrote to me some bit of time ago asking for rope bondage for my tits. I like the idea but M? He’s not into rope at all. It’s simply not his thing–and i’m fine with that. (Elastics were suggested but they don’t stay on my tits, something about my skin and the way  my breasts are shaped. I can get a tiny elastic on the nips but trying to wrap them otherwise tends to not work.)

In point of fact He felt that roping them would be a terrible waste of time when He could be hitting, grabbing, slapping, or biting them. He is very much into the torturing of my poor boobs, than the artful uses of rope. That’s the sadist there.

So in memory of that, I’m posting two older pictures that shows some of the damage that He can do to me with a cane. Happy HNT! (are you sure you’re not bored?!)

Playday bruises (I bruise so easily!)

a weighty reminder


Two days later: