HNT- (LATE!!) Good Morning Pervs!

Waking up in a “new” place can be disconcerting, especially after only 4o minutes of sleep the night before…yet at sofia’s house? Not so much. It is warm and inviting here, with lots of chatter (it took me a few hours to wind down, after talking her ears off for an embarrassing length of time) as well as quiet –yet companionable– time.

We’re not doing anything kinky just now, though later we’ll be heading off for me to get another tattoo…one that symbolizes M and my …couplehood? Relationship? Whatever…my head is too muzzy for finding the”perfect” word there. You grok what I mean anyway. 😀

So I’ll be off getting “marked” as his, yet it is a symbol that translates to my vanilla life as well. I spent a l-o-n-g time this winter researching and honing my idea into a simple design that would indeed stand on that balance point of vanilla and D/s…for after all that is the essence of my life. After seeing something online, I drew my own version of it, and it is “Master approved” as well. You’ll likely see it in some of the pics He’ll take after our playtime which is also coming up fast. (woot!)

I’m definitely settled in, here in sofia’s kitchen, as she putters around getting ready for her work. I’m chillin’ here at the table with her Man, all of us peeking at our electronic devices, but also breaking away to converse, laugh, and just be in this wonderful companionship place.

Have a great day all y’all…and I’ll write if I get the time, motivation, and most importantly–a nap! Travel is exhausting, peeps!

And before I forget (okay, I forgot, I forgot!)…here’s a one-day-late HNT of a picture from our last playtime…one of my favorites, too. (after He obligingly took this pic at my request, He proceeded to lead me around the room by my nipple…sometimes my “good ideas” go to a totally different place than I’d anticipated…imagine that!!)