Amazed and Happy

In the past years, there have been many times when M and I have had to reschedule a playdate…

Many times, sad to say.

And many of those times were because I knew He had extra work, or a deadline or something pressing that really needed doing. Or you know, one of us was ill.

We have scheduled a playtime (imminently)…and He has this crushing deadline.

Once again I fell on my sword (it’s what we subs do best, right?) and told Him that we could hostpone our playtime so that He would have a block of free time to work on His project.

I texted it, because I knew saying the words would make me cry, that He might hear the sad tone in my voice. I sent it, even knowing as I depressed the key, that it would put our next possible playtime well into September.

His reply came nearly immediately.


I stared at the reply, my eyes finally moving away from that terse ‘no’….

“No. I’ve already told Mr. Belt that it’s time for him to taste your ass.”

That was it. Fifteen words that made me cry anyway–from joy.  In our 6+ years together He has NEVER refused to take the time I’ve offered like that.

Until now.

And I’m so very, very glad of it!