Missing/Missed/Gone Again

Have you been missing me? Coz for sure I’ve been missing you all! Having time to write in the summer is a rare commodity. I did this thing, similar to tarot, I guess, and it said “You need to make time to enjoy living, and creativity will flow through you”

Nailed it in one.

Because having kids of this age means lots of activities, lots of things to do together, lots and lots of obligations…and I love it, don’t get me wrong.

But it also means spending more time being unplugged, and that makes me feel less….me. Master and I were talking about that this evening, that I don’t feel very slut-like these days. Our playday did wind up being postponed, due to circumstances well beyond His control–he was VERY disappointed that our day didn’t happen as planned. So we’re backed up into August because, busier than a one-armed paper hanger here. A one-armed masturbator? I dunno.

I have ideas and think “I need to write this for the blog” and remember that I have 2 or 3 stories that I want to get back to and dang it! There just aren’t enough hours in the day in the summer, and that’s that.

Added to that, coming back from vacation midweek and jumping right back into “normal” life–I totally fucked up when HNT day was. (cringes) He knows, and he’s okay with it, but I always feel bad when that happens. I don’t even have a new pic to share, so I guess I can scroll through the archives and see what pleases me.

Lastly…I’m going visiting with another blogfriend. I won’t say who she is unless she chooses to say so…but for now we’re just planning to hang out and talk D/s…and who knows what-all.

That’s it, pervie peeps. I’m still here, still juggling many roles, still trying to satiate the inner slut…and still hoping to get beat by M. Isn’t the end of the world, I know it. But there is a feeling of being bereft, that part of me is missing. Sigh. Who knew my D/s would hibernate in the summer and come out in the winter?

black n white

7 thoughts on “Missing/Missed/Gone Again

    • Bahahahaha!! OMG I am SUCH an epic fail at juggling…well…schedules and the like I totally rock…but you’d never catch me juggling anything more than a balloon…hahaha! Thank you for the wonderful picture you put in my head. Sorry I’ve been a friend in absence…but I think of you often, love.


  1. Sounds like (from her blog), y’all had a good time and managed to keep everything ‘between the lines’ or until Jz decided on acrobatics….

    Good looking pair, as always, nilla.

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