Boob Sweat


I *swore* I wouldn’t do this….but apparently I lied.

That, or I truly forgot, after this intense, record-breaking winter, just how hot “hot” is…

Added to that…we haven’t had a hot day up here since…mid April? Or early May? And here we are on the cusp of August and it is Fucking-Assed HOT.

My boobs are sweating. My feet are sweating. My fucking *ears* are sweating. I can’t write because the only porn I can imagine just now is having someone run an ice cube up and down my body and watching it vaporize into steam immediately.

Seriously. The heat can just stop. Now.

*going back to lay in front of the fans*

(nope, no A/c here…we hardly ever need it–besides, isn’t that what Walmart is for?)

3 thoughts on “Boob Sweat

  1. Between June and about mid-September, I don’t leave my house unless it’s absolutely necessary…most locals around here don’t. It’s too damn hot. We’re at a gate of Hell down here, I’m sure. I’m ready for the 36 hours of fall we’ll get sometime in October. 🙂

  2. Not exactly feeling your pain, Nilla. Kayla may be at the gates of Hell, but we’re two floors below Beelzebub! 96 – 99 degrees with 95% humidity. Your poor Northern boobs would melt in these conditions 😉

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