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I Love His Face

It happened (cue schmaltzy music)…at last! Not playtime, but time to be with one another for a brief hour. The sun was warm on the back of my calves as He leaned against the back of my car, as I … Continue reading

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Well…it didn’t happen again. He was supposed to be alone at his house but then his son was there and wasn’t planning on leaving anytime soon enough for me to come over to play and … yeah, I was sad. … Continue reading

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The Pool

She was royally pissed. Asking Craig to do anything these days was a lesson in aggravation. “Can you take out the trash on your way out?” “uh huh.” She left for work first, came home first–to the unpleasant stench of … Continue reading

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After a week of posting boobs you’d think I could remember when it’s Thursday once again. But no. I totally forgot it was Thursday until last night and by then I was too dang tired to even give a shit. … Continue reading

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Cross Your Fingers But NOT Your Legs

I’m here! My last vacation is done, I’m recharged–though I’ve been running like a headless chicken for the best part of this week…trying to get everything I need done for school (I KNOW you peeps with kids relate!) for the … Continue reading

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HNT Master’s Favorite

First…thank you to all of you. I promise to respond to all your lovely comments next week. I’m away for the weekend ~my third unplugged mini-vacation this summer (I can’t believe how it’s recharged me!). After picking all those fun … Continue reading

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HNT ~ Redux #7 Last of the Mammary Memories

From year one–it took me *forever* to figure out how to upload a photo to my blog! This so perfectly defined how I felt about my growing understanding about myself and my strange and perverted life in the shadows.

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HNT ~ Redux # 6

Ah, those early days, from 2010…

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HNT ~ Redux #5

June 2011 His bite is worse than His bark. (And to quote Him: “Thank you Geezuz”!)

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HNT ~ Redux # 4

July 2012 The Visitor fucked me, then came on my tits. A very intense scene for M’s slut.

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