Most boring blog award, anyone?

Seriously — how can I have NO sexy shit for all you all? Easy. Vanilla-filled summer–house chores, garden chores, no time to see M…all of that combines to make one boring nilla.

I did have a seriously good time with blogfriend Jz…despite her busted ankle. Yup. She did it while I had my nose buried in a book, sitting in her kitchen. I never saw the swan dive, the snap-and-roll, none of it. Only the amazing denouement…one massively swollen ankle.

I told her I suck at “nurse-shit”.

(That was pure truth too. I really am not a good nurse.)

But we had fun anyway. Lots of talk, lots of sexy talk. Lots of “M does this…BG does that” –always a pleasure to be able to chat freely about our freaky sex lives. And that is pretty much the most sexy stuff I have to report about here. In the summer it is incredibly hard to get time to see M; he’s busy, I’m busy…so we take it as it comes, remember that after 6 years, heading towards 7, there is a cycle to our relationship. Sometimes it is naughty and sexy and sometimes it’s just good friends sharing our lives. His kids, my kids, etc. Boring? Sometimes. But it’s the connection that we’ve forged to help us slide through these times when sexplay and torture and beatings isn’t at the forefront. We’re in this for the long haul, and that means that we have to accept our vanilla bits every bit as much as we embrace the  fucking pink hairbrush/paddle and ass plugs. There will be sexy stuff ahead. I’m glad though, that we’ve worked at becoming more than just sex friends. . . that we really like one another (or as much as He will admit to “liking me” and not calling me a pain in His ass in that droll way of His) for real, as well as for play.

That’s not really boring after all, is it?