HNT: Celebrate 2000 Posts! Boobs for Everyone!

So there I was last night, writing my wee lament of my vanilla life…and after it posted I saw that it was post #1999. Which made me leap about with joy because post number 2000 would be a HNT post!

I asked M to throw me some ideas about how to celebrate. After all, it’s taken me 6 years (and we’re getting close to the 7th  anniversary of this here blog…) to write that many posts. His first suggestion was verrah naughty. Very. But he also proffered a second idea, one that I like way better. I’m going to go through my prior HNT posts and select a different one to re-post every day for a week (7 repeat HNTs, one for each year of the blog, perhaps?) as a way to celebrate that I’m pretty sure you will enjoy. This seemed like a great idea to me!

With no further ado, today’s HNT.Marlborough-20150117-00182From January 2015:  I love seeing M’s hand on me.