HNT: Celebrate 2000 Posts! Boobs for Everyone!

So there I was last night, writing my wee lament of my vanilla life…and after it posted I saw that it was post #1999. Which made me leap about with joy because post number 2000 would be a HNT post!

I asked M to throw me some ideas about how to celebrate. After all, it’s taken me 6 years (and we’re getting close to the 7th  anniversary of this here blog…) to write that many posts. His first suggestion was verrah naughty. Very. But he also proffered a second idea, one that I like way better. I’m going to go through my prior HNT posts and select a different one to re-post every day for a week (7 repeat HNTs, one for each year of the blog, perhaps?) as a way to celebrate that I’m pretty sure you will enjoy. This seemed like a great idea to me!

With no further ado, today’s HNT.Marlborough-20150117-00182From January 2015:  I love seeing M’s hand on me.


12 thoughts on “HNT: Celebrate 2000 Posts! Boobs for Everyone!

    1. Thanks abby! It would’ve come faster if I could have kept up to a post a day, but with my life? Not possible. So I was totally jumping around when I discovered that I was *finally* hitting my 2K!


    1. 😀 Stats were good, but it was a real treat to just roll down memory lane there…so many fun things to recall (or try to recall, being as some of them were pretty intense!)


    1. Thanks Dubs…that’s a real compliment to be put in the same setting with Jz. 😀 Her turns of phrasing are always amazing…funny, poignant, indignant, emotional, dry…she runs the gamut…and so beautifully. She paints with words, our Jz.


    1. Hi Michelle! It was pretty awful of me to just drop that there, wasn’t it? Kinda…sadistic. 😀

      thanks as always for your kind words!


  1. Congratulations that’s fantastic and so creative. Your readers love the mix of kinky and Nilla, and the cycles of your blog. Well this one does. 🎁🎶🎁 humbly twigs, tiggersub, a long time lurker of this blog.

    1. Thanks twiglet, for taking time to comment AND for the lovely words. There are cycles, aren’t there? Sometimes things are verrrrrry kinky, and sometimes it’s just day-to-day life…with a twist of M. (He’s always a part of my life, even when we haven’t had time to indulge in pure kinky play…)


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