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Bolt ~A Danger Date Story

oh my….the things that come into my head when I’m scrubbing the shower….oh yeah, dragons…we’re in full rape-fantasy mode on this one…~nilla~ “I said ‘stand fucking here.’ “ His voice was a rough growl, as menacing as his hand woven roughly … Continue reading

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It Works for Us

It had been a long, long, long time since he and I had any extended play time. And when we have extended time apart, he doesn’t task me with things to do — which is good because I just simply … Continue reading

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Quiet Corner

for the pervie searcher…thanks for the inspiration…~n~ She sat in the small sliver of sunlight in the quietest corner of the library. The novel, light and romantic, suited her mood. At this late afternoon hour there were few patrons about, … Continue reading

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HNT- Beaten

If a picture paints a thousand words, then this is the start of a novel…one writ by His hands. Yes, this slut is still floaty, still happy, still bruised…and this? This was only the beginning.

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Sub Spacey

Oh, have I been floating. . . and sitting gingerly. Time is not flowing like a river, but whirling around me like a whirlpool… I’m remembering things at the end. From the beginning, from when-the-fuck-ever. It’s a strange and wonderful … Continue reading

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Fuckin’ A….

F is for floaty, fucking, fabulous, food, feet(tickling), fetish (shoes), feeling (emotional and tit mangling)… A is for awesome …amazing…aaand…I’m outta words because …see F above… I’m half fucked to death. 😀

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Remember When This Was a Sex Blog…

…I would write and rhapsodize about Master and I and sex and beatings and orgasm overload and beatings and subspace? But it’s been a long dry spell. No playtime, little face time…just enough to keep us connected…almost 6 years of … Continue reading

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Tit for Tat HNT

Ya’ll wanted to see the new tattoo? The one for M? It’s there…but…you know tat’s are very personal and distinctive, right? So to keep my anonymity IRL…I doctored the pic just a bit. 😀   Happy HNT, pervie peeps!

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“Please, Sir, may I cum?” She was so close. That close. Hanging there, right on the edge of orgasm as his fingers slipped and twisted inside her pussy. Her hips undulated on the bed, waves of need rolling palpably from her … Continue reading

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Me: M…. I’m worried that my ankle won’t be better by our play date and I won’t be able to walk around in the heels you like. … (insert feeling morose and trepidation here) Master: I wouldn’t worry about it … Continue reading

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