HNT– Nilla’s favorites

I have new ideas for HNT pix…and no privacy nor time to make it happen. (Shocking, I know!) Such is the life of a stay at home mom to kids bordering on tweendom.

So…since this IS my blog, and it IS Thursday, also known as Half-nekkid Thursday, AND Master requires me to put a titty pic on here…I’m going to scroll through my pix and put up some that I’ve posted in the past. Hopefully I’ll eke out some time to get some new material…(same old boobs, tho)…in the days ahead. Or so I hope fervently. And I’m getting ideas for writing. And hopefully, time for that. (My little business is growing, which is GREAT but sure cuts into my writing time!)

20150524_230319_201505290107011471 Favorite pic of mine, from May.

hnt1 six-year anniversary gift is steel (or chocolate!)…this isn’t a steel chain but we can pretend –right?!

IMG-20150117-00171 Well spanked bottom January 2015 playtime

imageWhore mouth

hnt3 Gift from a fellow blogging friend (Fiona!) put to GOOD use

hearthnt The crystal heart pendant, Master’s first non D/s gift to me.

blotto Totally “blotto” after Master uses His slut.

IMG_4941 When I did the dark red hair thing…

pensive at His feet.

072212144521 Taunting Him as he dealt with his dead car battery while I waited in the room ..all alone. Except for the toybag….

IMG-20111204-00225 From 2011–one of His AND my favorite pix. My hair is not that ruby red anymore, more a ruddy apricot now. But almost that long again.

IMG-20110605-00034Wearing His collar (my hair IS this color once again! His favorite)

IMG00040-20110501-1642 OMG do I even need to explain this one? His hand…*fans face*…

IMG00007-20110220-1507 collaring day.

And all the way back to the very very first HNT pic of them all….

Flannel HNT!
Flannel HNT!

9 thoughts on “HNT– Nilla’s favorites

    1. You’re a freakin’ riot Mr. Crimson. 😀 Don’t you touch my Tom Brady. nu huh. God knows where the cup came from. I had to enlarge the pic to see it. Silly guy. LMAO…

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