“Please, Sir, may I cum?”

She was so close. That close. Hanging there, right on the edge of orgasm as his fingers slipped and twisted inside her pussy. Her hips undulated on the bed, waves of need rolling palpably from her pleading body. Though she couldn’t see him, damn the blindfold, she felt the loss as he moved away from the open Y of her legs.

“I think…not quite yet, pet,” he said, his tone seeming both regretful and amused. She whimpered low in her throat. She felt him wiping his fingers along her inner thigh. There was a rush of cooler air against her splayed-apart crotch as he left her.  From across the room there were curious noises where she knew he kept his ‘toys’…if one could call such weapons ‘toys’. The innocuous word always made her grin just a little bit, even as she shivered at what they did to her.

Her body began to cool, the vicious heat from the near-orgasm fading, but not completely. Her throbbing pussy calmed, her hips became quiescent on the bed. The rapid thumping of her pulse–in her clit, in her throat, between her breasts–slowed. She jolted even before she became fully aware of the sharp snap against her cunt.


Nothing followed. Unable to close her legs, her knees swiveled in place, trying to soothe the ache along her vulnerable slit. The sound was nearly as fierce as the blow, the sharp snap of the mysterious object striking her tender, wet flesh. Beneath the sting of hurt grew a desperate hunger. The clitoris responded, swelling full, throbbing insistently. A steady trail of silvered dew wept from her lower lips.

“Owwwww,” she moaned, her knees jerking as another blow caused her to gasp and try to pull away. The ropes held her there, open to his depredations.

“I….” she gasped, as the sensations began to swamp her, “…I need to cum, Sir, please Sir!”

Once more the soft sounds of his footfalls came to her. He was moving away…again.

“No, slut, not just now,” he replied, his tone sounding disinterested, the bastard!

It took longer for the sensations to settle, the level of need growing. She held steady, her arousal a sharp scent in her nose and a heated throb in her loins. She lay there, open, waiting, hoping for him to return. There was only silence in the room; she could hear nothing over the roar of need in her ears.

“Please?” she begged into the quiet room.

“Please? For what are you asking slut?”

She heard the slyness there, felt the trap closing around her. He had told her he would make her beg, make her plead, make her cry for her release. She’d not believed him then.

She believed him now.



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