It Works for Us

It had been a long, long, long time since he and I had any extended play time. And when we have extended time apart, he doesn’t task me with things to do — which is good because I just simply don’t have the time available to do much with being his “good little slut”.

Does that shock you to your core, that last statement there?

Yeah, me too. Once, long ago when this was new and hot and ohmahgawd I wanna do it all and do it now and do it with anyone… I would have thought that a “slut” like that was a bad one. A non-submissive, just a whore.

But now? I’ve been doing this dark and naughty thing we do for a long time…and I am older and wiser. We all serve our tops in a variety of ways…and in the ways that work best for each of our relationships. For all of those relationships that start out gangbusters and going hardcore 24/7 Dom/slave? Very few make it. Sure there is Omega and mouse…and Scott and kaya…and there’s Fiona and her Sir…and if I’ve forgotten to add YOU, apologies. Those are the lone few that leapt to my mind this late evening as I write.

The point here is that you have to make this D/s thing work for YOU. Well you and your Top…but you know that I meant that, right? Anyway…you can’t do this for anyone else. Not for blogland, not for the accolades of others in the lifestyle. If it works for you and makes you happy, then go for it. Don’t feel the need to copy anyone else’s thing and feel that you’re doin’ it wrong if you don’t.

So you all know that M and I don’t live together. We’re semi LDR…(well, long distance as in around 40 miles or so, as opposed to cross-country!)…but between his responsibilities and mine…it’s been very hard on us these last two years. He doesn’t like to Dom (read: give tasks, sex act etc) unless he’s there to reap the benefits of the torment. He’s VERY hands on.

When we played a few weeks ago, it was hard and rough and fast. And cuddling and tickling and pain. And kisses that lasted forever, and brutal fucking and being fingered until I thought my cunt would be swollen and tender forever, followed by that wonderful languid feeling of being well used.

There is also the “one last orgasm” thing he does, when it just hurts so. fucking. much. His fingers jab into my swollen and tender pussy, and I moan and thrash, and he holds me down with brutality, and savages me…and then I’m hot and it’s good and it hurts and oooomygawd…I’m fucking back and then I come and it’s like I’m dying with it…a sudden surging rush of liquid, a bed-soaking orgasm that drains me totally until I fall into the depths of subspace.

All that good stuff aside? He won’t tell me what to wear, won’t tell me what to eat, won’t tell me when to go to bed. He’s my Dom, not my keeper. I’m not his pet, nor his child…so those are my decisions to make. He really doesn’t have a way to enforce it, so if I fuck up? What can be done from afar? Not much. It has worked out to an occasional “you will have two half-o’s tonight, 3 minutes apart, no cumming” and that’s it.

A few years ago I would have been unhappy with that. But these days, when my vanilla life is jam packed–between college teen and schooling two younger kids, and my various jobs and running my own business? I’m stretched pretty thin. There have been times I’ve thought seriously of stopping this blog because how boring am I?

But then I have these dreams, or even these naughty “thinks” that come up in the course of my doing some mundane task or other…and I know I need this outlet to be here for me. Because I am a submissive and I am a slut and I am a horny wench, and I do have a warped sense of what is sexy…sometimes it’s sweet with a touch of pain or teasing, and sometimes it is dark, and vile and nasty and so …untoward…coming out of my head.

Here is a place that I don’t feel at all judged by that.

So you’re stuck with me. And I’m stuck with him, and he with me. We’ll go on making this wacky wild nasty thing we do work…because it does work.

16 thoughts on “It Works for Us

  1. I love being stuck with you. And BRAVO for this post. It is one everyone should take to heart….getting to a place in a relationship that works for both of you is not always easy..and it is not without work and commitment. I did not blog during the first few years that i knew Master… would have been very different than what it is now….
    hugs abby

    1. Thanks abby…I’m sorry this is such a late reply to your comment. It’s interesting how all have evolved in our relationships, and understanding that how we work it out between one another is the right way for us (and if it’s NOT, that we can work to fix it, too.)


  2. Outlet for you, sure.
    But please don’t do us a disservice by thinking we only read for the pr0n.
    We happen to like you, missy.
    (and really, if you won’t let me call myself boring, I’m sure as shootin’ not gonna let you get away with it!) ;-p

    1. 😀 right back atcha. (and yes, this is late. I’m so sorry — I’m finally catching up on responding to comments. Thanks for your kindness–always appreciated.


  3. Such a great post! We’ve also settled into a routine and are doing things the way it works for us, which frequently is much different from those around us, or what people tend to think we ‘should be doing’.

    Rebel xox

    1. Hi Marie Rebelle! I’m just now catching up on comments (my terrible bad…so sorry.)…and thanks for understanding. We are all in this D/s thing…each in our own way. My way is not a script for right vs wrong…but it works for the place we find ourselves in at this point in our relationship. So many people think there’s just one way…but if you live it. you really do get that there are many ways, and not any one true way. 😀


    1. Thank you JB…it’s all about finding the right groove, isn’t it? We’re all in this together, this wacky weird wonderful D/s thing…and no matter what side of the slash you are on, if you find a way that works, then that makes it right.


  4. You can only do what works for you…screw the rest of the world (well, not literally…unless you’re into that kind of thing…uhhh, I think I’m off topic…anyway…). Just do you, nilla, as long as you’re happy and satisfied – that’s all that matters!

  5. Life would be a very sad place if you ever stopped writing on your blog. I’m glad that you two had face time/fuck time and that you got a little of your happy back. 🙂

    1. Thanks dear friend! There are days when we are both just flat out…and then somehow, we yank ourselves back here and feel the heat again and …aaahhh…it’s nice to have “here” to come home to. (I know you grok that!)


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