Just to Help…

okay, grab a cuppa quick coz I only have a minute. Two at the most.

I’ve got writers brain and I don’t wanna lose it…I’ve finally got the resolution to the story Infinity (found in my header or here.) and I have time today, just today, for writing. I’m sitting with a cuppa tea at my right elbow, newly trimmed nails for typing ease, and fresh-scrubbed from my shower (and that will be the theme for Thursday’s HNT.)

The new chapter(s) won’t publish until at least Friday so you have time to go to that link and read up so you remember where we were at…I can’t believe  how long it has been since I last worked on this–but the end is at hand. At last. There are a few other stories that need endings and I’ll get to them. Eventually. 😀 If you pester me enough, right?

That’s the news from here…no face time with the M this past weekend, hoping for a wee time this upcoming one. I do like the greedy sound in his voice when we try to figure out time to get together. We really do miss one another, though he is scant with words about it. Maybe if he recognizes it aloud it makes it harder? I dunno. I profess to NO knowlege of how man-brain works, let alone Dom-man-brain!

Okay, peeps, cuppa time is over…it’s time for me to write!


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