….in which He totally fucks with my head.

Face time with M is delightful. Wonderful. Pain-filled. Gods, I bent down to look at a scratch on his car and he grabs a hank of my hair and squeezes it so tight. Hurty good and so controlling–me powerless to move, to do anything other than stammer as he talks in this laughing voice…”blah blah blah …and no one here to help the poor little slut…blah hahahaha blah blah…”

I don’t hear much of what He said, only that snippet…and gods how hot? How humilating to be out there in a public space but no traffic and no one to see what he’s doing…but so so so good.

Pinches and sneaky tit grabs that rival that of a car compressor…OUCH! I have bruises all over my sides and arms…and it helped my headspace so much to be reminded which of us is in charge. Not that I doubted that, mind you, just…in the day to day it’s hard to remember sometimes that I am a submissive, and it only takes a few minutes with Him to slide me right back into my place, right into being a wet, quivering mess.

I was soaked. My gosh I was *so* turned on.

And then.

Ah, and then.

We play the football game. And I listened to all the reports and gave him my bet…never in my life have I wished and prayed for the Dallas Cowboys to score a touchdown as much as I did in the final minutes of that game. One measly touchdown would have pushed me up and over into the win zone (I didn’t bet against my beloved Patriots, no, never that! But the point total? Oh yes. I thought there’d be way more points scored by the pair of them. Dammit!)

So I start the season of Games with Master in the loss column…and He’s promised to ramp up some at home torment for me…(why do we crave that? why?) all of which spell big trouble for this horny gal. Harder non-orgasmic masturbations…(“no toys nilla…I want you to work realllllly hard–to get NO reward at the last minute!”)…egads the joy in His voice when He tells me what he’s been thinking of.

And it works on me. Plays in my head, turns me on at odd moments in the day. If I ever doubted that I was a masochistic sub slut? He’s totally laid that to rest with every fuck of my brain.

5 thoughts on “….in which He totally fucks with my head.

    1. I’ve not yet “paid the piper” because Himself was very very busy this week …and I’m really rather grateful for that!


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