Tentacles, Anyone?

Some of you may know my friend and fellow author Will Crimson from over at the Erotic Writers blog…but he just crafted this funny short post, tentacle related, on his blog. It was inspired by search requests for tentacle porn, and what can a poor beleaguered writer do but respond to such an ardent plea?

Either that or the tentacle in him just couldn’t resist.

Anyway, it’s here.

I hope you enjoy. It sure made me smile. Okay, giggle. Oh bother. Fine. I was laughing hysterically, even as it …well, you know. *waves hand in front of face*  Hey, when it’s hot, it’s hot, what can I say?

Perverts. We’re so fucking weird! But fun. We surely do have the best fun.

5 thoughts on “Tentacles, Anyone?

    1. Thanks cammies….you do much the same when you post your monthly reading lists. 😀 Tentacles are both intriguing and terrifying!


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