My Brain is Whirling…

I’m such a sick bitch, I tell ya. Here I am, swamped in vanilla life (oh, wow…the wind just went WILD here…I LOVE it!)

(but wait, that means the leaves are now being whipped off the trees…omfg…)

between the chores on my neverending to do list, my work, my kids. my

(oh hell. I forgot to check my cell and it’s ZNN Thursday and what if Master tasked me with some evil thing and it’s nearly 11 and I’m getting up early tomorrow and I’m trying to write here…)

getting-ready-for-winter chore list (that also seems a bit overwhelming) and all the other stuff and

(oil change is done on the car, but what the hell did I forget? Gas, check, oh crap. I was going to vacuum the car while it was warm today, but then I was busy getting the oil changed, and then the laundry and…)



blah blah money and and…


You see what my head is like these days?? Seriously, my ADD is popping off my head. Usually I can contain it by being busy and using my somewhat random shifts, to get stuff done, and stay ahead of the mad current. But on top of all that stuff? (points to top of post)

I have pervie thoughts.

No, WAY WICKED pervie thoughts, peeps.

I have these vignettes. And stories. And scenes. And they all weave and braid around in my head so along with all that stuff up there? I have visions of tentacle sex, and women stretched out and forced to cum over and over, and the big man holding down the smaller woman and taking her ass and she can’t stop him and doesn’t really want to though her mind is screaming and soon her ass is too….and the woman who fantasizes about doing her kids teacher and winds up getting schooled by him instead…

oh my gawd.

Managing my life is a full-time job. Managing my head? Impossible.

Dayam but I better have time to write next week.

3 thoughts on “My Brain is Whirling…

  1. Yay I am not the only one who loves the change in seasons or who finds it a hectic time of year.
    Hope it steadies

    1. I love all the seasons. I tend to get tired of Winter by the end of it…but all the rest I really love, full on. Life is crazy…but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m NEVER bored. 😀


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