Just Checking In…

It’s been a hubbub, this month of November, and one can only assume things will get crazier than that as we eke our way down to the holidays. Well, I say “eke” but I really mean roar down the days until we suddenly fetch up against Christmas Eve…!

M and I have had zero face time for 3 weeks now. Gods but I miss Him when it goes on like that. *insert frowny sub face here*  Hopefully we can see one another this weekend for a bit. I’m trying to clear time from my schedule so we can actually sit and chat a bit. But I might be coming down with a cold…or skirting the edges of the one that has effected my family for the last two weeks. I simply do NOT have time to be sick. So I might lose my voice instead. No one will notice, I assure you. 😀

He’s decided, based on my exceptional talents last year on calling scores for Patriot’s games, to change it up. So that I lose a lot more often…which is a lot more fun for Him. He had me edging 3 times last week. And the one day that I could have an orgasm? I couldn’t cum. I don’t know what was up, it rarely happens, but I just couldn’t get over the hump, so to speak. And two days later I had to edge (or half-0 as he calls it) again for three attempts. I was ready to hump light poles by that point.

The Man is an evil sadistic genius, I swear. I’ve never been so horny and uncomfortable for so long in our entire relationship.

And yeah, yeah. I liked it even while I hated it. I know-it’s weird and it sucks and yet I need it even while I hate it—it’s the terrible dichotomy of being a submissive who enjoys pain and being told no cumming and all the rest. Sometimes I forget…and last week was a critical reminder of my place.

(I shiver recalling the tone of his voice when he spells out my task…it so fucking turns me on when he puts on his “Dom Voice” as I call it. It just drives a dart of pure lust deep inside of me, even through the phone. So if you ask “is a LDR really real?” It can be! And yes, we’re not a true online or LDR, but lately it’s been on the phone or nothing. I’ll take that over nothing!)

Be well pervie peeps. I have stories brewing…and perhaps some time to actually write them, too!


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