Good Girl

It was only an hour, perhaps a bit less. His hands in my hair, petting me gently, holding me close.

“You’re a good girl,” He says, his voice low and soothing.

No play. No premeditation. No orders obeyed. Just He and I, sitting in His car, kisses and hugs and pinches behind us, having a “soft” time before having to say goodbye. It had been forever since we’d last had any time together, yet my heart was filled when I heard him. Anytime his hands are on me I am calmed, despite the excitement I also feel. Yet there is nothing to compare to hearing those words…

“You’re a good girl.”

Words to calm a slut, words to make me smile against his chest and remember one of the many reasons why I could never go back to pure vanilla.

“You’re a good girl.”

Funny how those four little words have carried me through 48 hours with a smile on my face. I’m His good girl. And I can hardly wait to get naughty with Him.



One thought on “Good Girl

  1. That feeling is the best isn’t it? When they call you a good girl. Warmth and safety and contentment.
    Glad you got some face time.

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