As I write this I’m sitting on tenterhooks watching the Patriots damage the Texans. With just a few minutes left in the game, I’m thrilled that we’re ahead, but nervous. We need more points on the board, guys! At this point, any points will help me! Last week I won 18 O’s.


Dayam! And me too tired and overworked all week to take advantage of the bounty, I’ve only used ONE. Yes, can you believe it? But currently I’m down in score by 12, which will take a LOT of my banked O’s out of the “savings account”…something which will charm Him no end.

In point of fact, as I sat with him today, I mentioned that I’d only used one of my O’s but I had a healthy balance in my bank. He slanted me a look, a half-smile on his face.

“Not for long.”

It was said softly, matter-of-factly. But damn so hot. And that smile…it could have melted glass. He knew I had picked wrong. I’ve totally sucked at the Over/Under points that He’s chosen as our game this year. Last week was only my 2nd week of winning points…and the first time I not only *lost* my points, but wound up in the hole. So to speak. 😀 At least this week I won’t have that happen. But seriously, another touchdown from either side would really help my bank of O’s. 😀

We kissed. Kissed hard, many times. At one point I only hit his bottom lip.

“Hey wait a minute, nill-ah,” he says as I lean back into my seat. “You missed! You only got my bottom lip. Get back here and do that again. Get it right.”

I giggled (and am smiling as I write this)…and complied readily. And gave him a few more for good measure.

When it was time to go (so sad it was time to go) I said as much.

“You’ll go when I say you can go.”

His voice drops, smooths. His face firms, his eyes. Man, those eyes. He just gets this look on his face when he drops a Dom on me…and it never fails to make me hot, and tingly and just a touch of nervous. Yes, even after all this time, the nerves tingle too.

I freeze in place, look up at him, moving my eyes only.

“Yes Sir,” I say, with what I can only assume looks to him like a bunny frozen in headlights. He looks at me …not sternly, but firmly, I guess, for a moment more. Then his expression clears, he laughs, and says, “good girl.”

Pauses a moment.

“Okay, you can go now.”

Then he kisses me again, hard, and we do, this time, part.



7 thoughts on “Facetime!

    1. I had to look at the date to remember when that was…between work and holidaze and all that we’ve not managed a minute together. Hoping this weekend we’ll swing something. sigh. Thanks for commenting sofia–your voice has been missed.


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