Busy~But Then….

So I’m running around like a madwoman (as I imagine most of us are as we barrel down through these last days before the holidays)…my work schedule is full right through Christmas eve…and I’ve gotta do this and gotta get that and…

…I’m standing in line at the store, not thinking porny thoughts at all. Okay, I might have been crafting a bit of a thing in my head on my way there (since once my brain turns back to the dark side it’s kinda hard to shut it off entirely)….

…but then, standing in the long check out line to get the TWO frigging things I needed, I see this….

FullSizeRender (10)

and I start to smile. I had to work *realllllly* hard, pervie peeps, to hold in my giggles. And maybe had a quick little fantasy about them….but who can act on that sort of impulse standing in Michael’s, right?

So I did the next best thing–took this pic and shared the naughtiness with all you all. Yeah. You know who you are, and I’m certain that your mind is going right where mine went.

Tsk, tsk.


2 thoughts on “Busy~But Then….

    1. Thanks for commenting abby! There’s nothing like that connection, is there? That spark that gets lit from the smallest communication or face time…nothing beats that!


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