Fat (2)

Tis a shortie…but all I have time for just now…enjoy ~nilla~


“Up off the desk,” he said.

It was the first words spoken in some time; after kissing, after fingers in her pussy and ass drove her up and over the edge two more times. She leaned back, braced on her arms, eyes closed, feeling the presence, the warmth of him, between her thighs. With a blink, she looked at him, and smiled.

“Yes Sir.”

Shimmying her bottom off of the desk, she pressed closer and closer to him. She could feel the hard press of his cock through her skirt, through his dress pants. If her pussy could purr, it would be, she mused. Not sated, only stirred to a greater need, she could feel the wetness growing. Licking her lips, she wondered when, if, he would fuck her. His cock felt enormous.

“All the way down. On your knees.”

A shivery thrill ran up her spine. How she loved to be dominated! How much she wanted his cock in her mouth.

“Hands behind your back. That’s right.”

She had no idea where the short length of rope had materialized from, but in moments he had it wrapped around her wrists.  She watched as he removed his pants, meticulously folding them over the back of his chair. He sat, the bulge of his shaft pressing hard against his underwear.

“Use your mouth. Take out my cock, and lick it. Nothing more, understood?”

She nodded. His foot rose, his shoe nudged hard under her right breast.

“OW!” She gasped as he nudged her again, harder, and began pressing the tip of his dress shoe against her nipple.

“Correct address is very important. Tell me you understand my order, do not nod at me like a bobblehead.”

“Yes Sir,” she replied, “yes I understand. No tasting your delicious cock, just take it out so I can see it, and then lick it like a lollipop.”

“Cheeky slut,” he replied, amused.

“Yes Sir,” she replied, grinning up at him. Her tit throbbed as he continued to press against her, despite her compliance. She began to understand the challenge presented. He was not going to move his foot, and she’d have to press into it, hurting herself, to succeed in the task. How fucking devious.


8 thoughts on “Fat (2)

    1. hahahah…subkitty, that made me giggle out loud. No, no need to fantasize about YOUR boss…but the boss of your dreams? Ah, that is another thing entirely…


      1. PS…isn’t the idea of being seduced/coerced by someone that we don’t find appealing–sorta appealing in it’s own naughty way? Hmmm


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