He did it…again.

Fucked me good and proper from afar, oh yes he did. Didn’t even read my post from last night, and still is in my head so deeply that he knew *just* how to fuck with me.

I sent him a text saying how good last night’s O was. And oh my….it was pretty fucking spectacular…all trembling limbs, and sensitive pussy and seeping juices for the entire night. Gotta love an orgasm so hard that you wake in the morning still wet!

His text comes back shortly.


“Oh good. Then you’ll be happy to know that you now are *required* to have two half-o’s EVERY Monday night. Enjoy!”

Oh yeah. I’m ….reallly going to enjoy getting right to the fucking edge…twice…EVERY  Monday night –a full day before my ONE orgasm night….I’ll be horny for HOURS before I can get off…and uncomfortable and thinking about him fucking with me and getting even more horny thinking about those things…

He’s so fucking devious…don’tcha just love a Dom that does that sort of  clever, yet completely mean-assed shit?!

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