HNT~Something something(two pixs)

After speaking with M the other night, I had to make SURE that I got this posted in a timely fashion. He has this way of tweaking me, you see. He has these damned videos that he took when he let another Dom use me…it was several years ago, but it embarrasses the fuck out of me..aaaannnd…he offered to upload one of them HERE if I couldn’t find a picture.

So fucking helpful, oh yeah.


So here’s a pair of pix to take his mind off that damned video…Both from a playdate a while ago…He says of the first one…”that’s the only time I saw your legs closed the entire day…” *giggle* (truth!)


And the result of some very painfully wonderful tit-caning…


6 thoughts on “HNT~Something something(two pixs)

  1. This may be a complete misunderstanding on my part, but wouldn’t this strategy be more effective if you hadn’t mentioned how much you’d hate having those videos posted?
    More than once? ;-p
    (You look delightfully frilly in that first one, btw!)

  2. Two very good photos. You do have some fantastic legs and it Look like your tots need something cream massage into them

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