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Disbelief (1)

He noted the tits right away. Gods but he loved tits. He loved touching them softly, stroking the silky skin, loved sucking the nipples until they rose tightly in his mouth. He loved squeezing them until his partner screamed, loved … Continue reading

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Tsk. You should have known better. You knew that they were out there. You resisted them for a long while. But the thought of them, oh, it niggled there at the back of your brain.  In the end, you know resistance … Continue reading

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The Orgasm to End all Orgasms

I was trying to remember when the last time I had an Orgasm was. Yes. I used a capital letter. 😀 It’s been a long, long while, perhaps as long as a month. There was a day that I was … Continue reading

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That happy sound that reverberates in His voice when He answers his phone and finds that I have a voice, and I’m well on the mend. That is all. 😀    

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It’s been a hell of a month, February. Totally kicked my ass in the “You Win Sickness” category. One I’d gladly unenroll from, thanks. I had to cancel a playdate with M because I was pretty close to pneumonia. Not … Continue reading

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When a painslut doesn’t get a fix for a long, long while, sometimes she has to take care of her own need for pain…it’s hardly what HE would to to me, but even a little touch of hurt helps…  

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Fat ~ Finale

Yeah yeah, go ahead and tweak me for being a romantic slob. I can take it. 😀   ~nilla~ “I can’t believe you’re leaving.” Her work bestie Marcy hovered at the corner of her desk, grasping the edge as if fighting … Continue reading

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HNT~A Look Back

He is SO hard on my tits. I love it. I hate it. I love it. Below, a sample from the past…nipple abuse and tit shaking…aaaah, what this slut has to look forward to in a week…!

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Shameless Plug

New story on Dark Fantasies here:   (The fantasies that my fevered brain came up with while I was sick….whoa!) (no orgasms leads to an overload of sex dreams!)  

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Yes…the slut lives!

I wrote last week that I was down, in a funk…hahaha…little did I know. I got hit by a wicked virus that stole my voice, my energy etc etc. I spent TWO DAYS in bed. Those who know me know … Continue reading

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