I’m in a funk. Not feeling well, but not wicked sick. Just an annoying thing, eyes, throat, cough–you know the kind of thing. Enough that it makes me feel tired, drowsy, and incapable of doing much at all.

Therefore, today is a quiet day at my house.

Dr. says my blood pressure is up. Concerning enough to make me pledge to eat better. (I am..PROMISE)…but my bp was normal when I checked it a bit ago. Work has been VERY stressful these last two weeks so we’ll see if that evens out after time.

Going to take a nap now before I put you all in a coma…this is about as unsexy as things get…



did I mention that Himself is making me do TWO half O’s EVERY Monday now? He was so excited about the success of it a few weeks ago…I was so horny and uncomfortable…that it’s now a “thing”…




7 thoughts on “Down

    1. Thanks abby…even my kids noticed that I get sick EVERY FUCKING YEAR for my birthday….sigh.

      who is feeling much better now.

      1. Oh no! That’s not good. But maybe the bright side is that all of you caught it around the same time, so everyone will have gotten it out of their system around the same time too.

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