Tsk. You should have known better.

You knew that they were out there. You resisted them for a long while. But the thought of them, oh, it niggled there at the back of your brain.  In the end, you know resistance is futile.

How do they do it? How do they mystify the mind, intrigue you until you can’t help but capitulate? One day you’re running out to do errands and blammo! There it is in your shopping cart.

FullSizeRender (10)

Somehow, you came home from the store with them. Did they sneak into your cart? Or did they sneak into your thoughts, controlling you from afar? It’s nefarious how they do this to us, weaseling their way into our homes, wending their way closer, ever closer.

Somehow, they have been placed upon your nightstand. Inching their way to their goal. They are monsterous that way, you know it, yet you still fell under their spell. And it continues.

What could it hurt, you thought, opening the package. This, despite your own rule of never eating in bed, not to mention never having a ‘sugary’ snack after that final toothbrushing, after putting on your face cream, putting the extra blanket on the bed, and plugging in your cell phone.

See? They’ve already begun to disrupt your routine. They are insidious.

You slip one into your mouth. Oh, one sour candy, what could that hurt? A little sugar in the sheets? The thought makes you giggle, doesn’t it? A little slurpy wetness, the tang of sour, the soothing of sweet, and my goodness, a second candy is already slipping between your lips. But all good things must end. It’s late, after all, and an early start to the day tomorrow. Fold down that bag of candy now, push it away. Snap off the light, time to sleep.  You snuggle under your covers, settle your mind. A faint sound tugs you from the edge of sleep. That, and the annoying grit of sugar in your sheets, chaffing your bare skin. You mutter, flip to your back, close your eyes again.

They snap open.

Wait. What was that?

Was it the wind from the semi-opened window fluttering the curtains? But then….you feel a tickle. You feel…something.

You tap your phone, throwing a smidge of light onto the bed. You gasp!


You realize the folly of your choice now.

And you realize something else.

You are fucked.



14 thoughts on “Octopied~HNT

  1. Just one typo. Not a big one, but thought I should mention it:

    “How do they mystify the mind, intrigue you until you can’t help but capitulate?”

    Shouldn’t that read:

    “How do they mystify the mind, intrigue you until you can’t help but copulate?”

    You know. Just trying to keep things professional. One writer to another. Just helping. It’s the little things that count…

    No need to thank me…

      1. Yea, they do need rope, LOT’S of it. Just think about the little legs running all over dragging the rope, tying your parts together, making everything bulge, and turning a little bit of purple for just a few minutes, and of course they; would need clamps that bite just to top it all off. I was just thinking …..

    1. OH, so good to hear your voice! Happy Autumn to you (not equinox yet, I know, but you’re cooling down some, right?) So glad I made Dee smile! Hugs…


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