Disbelief (2)

“Amanda?” Duncan sipped from the water bottle he held in his large hand. “Sure, she comes here. I can’t believe you’ve never run into each other before.”

“Timing is everything,” he muttered. Surely the fates must have a capricious sense of humor. She was a perfectionist at work, drove people to the edge, all gritted teeth and muttered curses,  yet their division was consistently at the top of the Mother Company listings. He could not fault her for her drive, though it was not like his own. He didn’t fault her the position, either. She’d become head of the division shortly before he came aboard. He could fault her for being a prim and proper snit to him all the time. He understood that she might have felt intimidated by his presence when she was just making her mark. But one would think that after two years she’d stop seeing him as a threat to her leadership and understand he was happy being right where he was. He’d seen what happened to men and women who constantly needed to be the first, the best, the strongest. His own parents had been vague shadows through his growing years, all focused on the drive to be the best. He had more important things to do with his life than to spend it all drudging behind a desk for eighteen hours or more a day. When at work, he worked hard.

But he played harder.

“I need an introduction…but she can’t see me.”

“She can’t see you. What, are you playing hide and seek now?”

“She’s…fuck. Coming this way. Later.”

He slipped back into the press of people, edging away from any possible encounter. It was far too soon to have Amanda know he was there, who he was, or what he did in his free time.


Duncan was still shaking his head when Amanda came upon him.  Some days this place was just fucking weird, and there were no two ways about it.

“Well, and doesn’t some slut look quite delectable this evening?” he murmured against her hair as they hugged briefly.

“Thank you Sir Duncan,” she smiled up at him. Small she may well have been, but what she lacked in height was amply made up for in tits, he thought. He’d had his hands on them enough to know.

“What are you up to tonight, little girl? Hmmm?” He looked her over slowly, his eyes keen. “Looking to meet a certain someone? Or just getting all the loose Dom’s in an uproar when they see what you’re offering here?”

His finger traced along her breast, a whisper of sensation. She never failed to be affected by these Doms, to her sorrow. She fell in with bad ones and good ones, and never could keep a one of them. It wasn’t a “oh, poor submissive slut” but more that she had high standards. She wanted a dominant who cared, who had more to offer than a firm cock and a heavy hand. Both were fine attributes, but what the fuck? Why shouldn’t she want the whole package?

Realizing that she’d slipped into her head again, she looked up.

“I keep forgetting how damned tall you are, Sir Duncan! You’re breaking my neck here!”

In seconds his hands had closed around her elbows and her feet were dangling off of the floor. Shocked giggles escaped as he gave her a funny, googly eyed face as they stared, eye to eye, with one another.

“How’s that?” he inquired.

The peal of unabashed laughter turned heads, inciting smiles around them.

“Silly Man, put me down!” she laughed.

In a quick move, he’d spun her upside down so that her face was pressed against his crotch.

“You’re right, slut. I like this position much better.”

Laughter muffled against denim, he could still feel the heat of her blush. He moved her up and down a bit, doing slut-curls. Her face massaged his growing dick.

“mmmmmm, that’s niiiiice..” he said, stretching his leg wider, then hooking it around her head.

Whatever her response was, it was completely muffled by the tight wedging of her face and his groin.  Holding her there for a few moments more, he had to admit that he was pretty excited himself when he flipped her back over and onto her feet.

“I think we should head out into the playroom for a bit, hmm?” he said, catching her chin in his fingers, and slipping his thumb between her lips. Her eyes were dazed, and her left tit had popped out of the top of the corset. Taking her by the bobbling nipple, he led the way into the other room.




8 thoughts on “Disbelief (2)

    1. 😀 We write what we know? Thank you Tip! Glad you’re enjoying the story…now I just need time to work on it…


      1. Thank you! If you’re gasping, then I’m doing what I enjoy doing well enough to move you to some sort of …reaction. 😀


    1. Yes…I’m hoping to grab some time this morning…if not, I’m afraid it might be a while. When did life get SO CRAZY!! ?


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