Disbelief (3)

He could hardly believe it when he turned back to the room. Duncan had Amanda upside down, and for all intents and purposes, rubbing his boner with her face. Fuck! Just then, Duncan looked across the room to where he stood. Ah. The silent message was clear-his friend, far from poaching, had been keeping the slut occupied. Watching Duncan lead the dazed woman out of the mingling room and into the play room, he had to admit that the guy had moves. Unlike any number of wanna-doms who were out trolling for fresh sub-meat, he and Duncan believed in the beauty of the submissive, the act of relinquishment that was a gift-to the right dominant.  Giving them time to clear the area, Andrew moved towards the door and slipped inside the large, functioning dungeon.


“Let’s play a little game,” Duncan breathed against her hair.

Already she was pretty stirred up. Though Duncan wasn’t her dom, he cast a powerful aura. He was attractive, yes, but that isn’t what drew submissives to him like a bee to honey. Rather it was his sense of presence, and his capable deployment of anything as a pervertable. He’d used soda bottles as nipple suckers. He’d used a soup spoon as a tit paddle. He used clothespins and line for a zipper. His mind was creative…and mean. There was a wicked sadist that lived within him, and it didn’t take much play to stir it to life. He had the knack of knowing just how far to push a sub before he broke them. Always he pushed, always with cajolorie, or teasing, or just grim firmness. And always, the submissive under his hand took just that little bit more.

She knew he would push her buttons tonight, on a night she needed to fly away from her skin, to be free of her mundane worries. Tonight, she needed the pain, craved it more than the orgasms she knew he would also draw from her.

He slid a blindfold over her eyes. She might have protested, but the ball gag was inserted too quickly for her to form words. It was doubtful that she could have formed a coherent thought anyway.  Hot fingers ran up her arms, the touch lightly teasing. Fingers tightened around her elbows. slid down to her wrists, tugging her arms up suddenly. A silver line of drool leaked from her stretched lips, dripping on to her right breast. The bare nipple tightened, jutting out over the lace-edged top of her corset.

“Keep those hands up,” he growled, as he pinched the pink bud. Her moan was low and long when the clamp bit tightly. Her arms quivered, fighting the instinct to drop them and shield her tit. It was harder than one could imagine, to be restrained by his words, shackled by the need to be obedient, rather than rope or cuffs. His hand slapped on her breast, making her gasp and quiver. Fingers grabbed the other nipple roughly, clamping it tight before slapping each tit several more times. Each slap seemed loud, and made her jolt. The blindfold amplified the sensations; a warm wetness began to leak onto her thigh.

“I’ll bet you’re wet. I can smell your cunt. You like being used, don’t you, slut?”

She nodded. It was pointless to deny, he had only to touch her to feel the truth. A faint beep interrupted.

“Don’t. Move.” he said softly, the threat more than implied by the tone. He moved away; the loss of his warmth made her shiver. She couldn’t make out the details of the conversation, only the terse replies.


“The fuck.”

“Jesus. I’ll be right out.”
“Sorry sugar,” his voice was in her ear again. “I have to go out front for a bit. I don’t want to leave you here while I’m gone, not alone. But it’s far to early to end this little scene. If you agree, one of my guys will fill in. He’s good. He knows your sign. Two fingers up, right? Show him. Sir Dee, this is a very nasty little slut. She likes just about anything. Don’t you slut?”

She nodded, her  head bobbling. So into it, she didn’t care who hit her now. And if Duncan trusted the guy, that went a long way. He didn’t tolerate careless doms.

“zookkkyyy” she mumbled around the gag.

“Oh, it’s so much better than OK,” came a new, deeper voice.

“You’re good?” Duncan asked them. She nodded again, as Andrew all but rubbed his hands together in glee. Torn between the joy of what would happen next, and utter disbelief that it was happening at all, he was well beyond mere a mere “good”…he was rounding the base to a grand-slam, bases loaded, two outs, two strikes,  bottom of the ninth home run.

It just didn’t get better than that. Until it did.



7 thoughts on “Disbelief (3)

  1. I’m starting to think that I might quit my job to take one with a boss like this slut. Might be good for my inner youth that keeps trying to get out. Love the story. Tip

    1. HI andi!! It’s so good to hear from you! I’ve fallen off in communicating with blogworld friends–I’m so sorry about that. Send me an email if you have time, tell me how you’re doing! HUGS…


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