HNT~Tortured (from afar)


you will lean over the bed and let those big floppy tits hang free.  Put the clamps with the chain on. After 30 seconds, you will add the first weight. After every thirty seconds add another weight, continuing this process until all the weights are on. When they are on, you will whisper “Master is omnipotent” for a full minute, letting those nipples strain and ache for me.

Weekend Fun

I had a weekend slowdown–a truly rare event–and got to spend time with my dear friend Jz. She and I have a good level of snark together, we find many of the same things amusing, and we are also quite giggly about our Doms. We had lunch and did some shopping and talked and talked.

On my way home, I stopped to see M, whom I have not seen since our last playtime which was *forever* ago. Seldom have we gone more than a month without some form of contact. He and I shared a decadent dessert, some tea, and a nice time to sit and be together.

When I got home, and settled, I felt this tickle in my throat. Allergies,I supposed, altogether likely as things are blossoming like crazy here in the Northeast. In the middle of the night, waking with wild fever chills, body aches, and a sudden wicked sore throat, my first thought was “Omg if I made M sick he’ll KILL me” followed by “and I hope I didn’t infect Jz too…” and then it was back to sleep and shivering for me.

I texted M later. His response was predictably mean.

“If I get sick from you, I’m going to boil your earlobes…and nipples.”

Go ahead, laugh. It’s not YOUR nipples at stake now, is it?? Hmmm? Okay, I giggled too, and told him he was being mean. He told me to get healthy soon, as he wanted me in full spirits when he does the boiling.

It’s weird, I know, but it’s love, too.

(please don’t get sick please don’t get sick!)

In the meantime, I AM writing. I decided to write an entire story before I  publish it so you’ll get the entire thing at once. It’s nearly done, after two weeks. Keep checking back and HOPEFULLY it will be done before week’s end.  In the meantime, be good. And don’t get your Dom sick. Trust me, it won’t be good if you do. 😀



Disbelief (4)

With Duncan gone, he had her all to himself. Her tit, dear gods above and below, her tit was hanging out of the corset. His fingers were nearly sweating, his tongue wanted to hang out. Wondering if he would see giant googly-eyes peering back if he glanced in the mirror, he took a moment to get his excitement under control. Having the opportunity to have Amanda under his hands was not one to be squandered. He paced around her, noting her arms were trembling faintly, that her breath was unsteady. Behind her, he reached up, taking her wrists.

“Something different now, pet,” he crooned. Crossing them behind her, he ordered her to stay, crossing the room to where racks of rope rested. He selected a somewhat thinner hemp rope that would be uncomfortable, itchy, hard to ignore. Folding a length in half, he quickly crafted a rolling hitch, slipping it around her left wrist, before tugging it tight. Another hitch stopped the slider, preventing harm, yet holding the noose taut. Creating a second loop, pulling it over her other wrist before sliding the rest of the length through it, he drew her wrists together. She moaned as the rope tugged roughly against tender skin. Dropping the remainder of the rope, he lifted the other breast free of the corset. Over her shoulder he saw the stream of spittle glistening on her fat tits.

“Dirty slut, you’re drooling everywhere.”

Her head tossed, as unintelligible words came from around the gag. Silently now he paced around her, once, twice. He knew she didn’t know where he was, knew it was unnerving her. His finger flicked sharply against her nipple. A short squeak of surprise, a shudder were the expected responses. She didn’t disappoint. Again he paced, picking up one of Duncan’s toys as he circled around her. The noise from others at play around him were just pleasing background sounds. A slap against flesh, a grunt, a moan, whimpers, all part of the pain-filled, alluring, arousing music of people at play. The quick slap-slap of the crop against the top of her tits merged with the sounds; her moans added a sweet descant. He slapped until her skin began to pinken, until a round purple bruise formed near her left nipple. The hard thrust of those nubs left no doubt that the slut was deeply aroused.

Bending, he retrieved the rope from the floor, and began to draw the rough length around the hot flesh of her tits. Each wrap of the hemp drew moans from her, while occasional quivers made his own libido click ever higher. His cock grew harder with every little shudder. Looping the last ends up and around her neck, securing the final ties, he stepped back to admire his handiwork. Two large purpling orbs thrust up and away from her corset. Slapping, gripping, he felt the smooth tight skin, every swipe of his hands making her mewl in response.

“Tender, hmm?”

Her nod of assent came quickly.

“Then it’s really going to hurt when I paddle them, I guess?”

Her moan was low and gurgling. He stepped behind her as he chuckled, releasing the ballgag, letting it fall around her neck like a sodden necklace. Leaning close, he whispered in her ear.

“I want to hear it when you scream.”



Sunday Texting, In Which He Totally Cracks Me Up

Master was away much of the weekend, and our texting time was very limited. Yet in only a few words, He can utterly destroy any pique I’m feeling, and transmogrify it into humor. And yes, I was feeling more than a bit grumpy about M’s new “use it or lose it” policy regarding my Tuesday orgasm opportunity….


me:  Do you realize that it’s been 13 days since I last had an orgasm Master?     (In reference to the fact that I fell asleep last Tuesday before I could snag my weekly O…)

M: Forget about the orgasms…you need to focus on staying awake.


(Hysterical laughter from my car as I read this to myself)

…And then HE Did This…

It is a punishment? An admonishment? A torment?

All of that.

Of course I’m talking about this post here where I fell asleep before I had my orgasm. The ONE I’m allowed each week. Wait…did I say allowed? As He reminded me Wednesday night when we talked about this, it is his gift to me. One I somehow, carelessly, let slip away. *Insert his wry Dom sigh here.*

this next part is part of his extolling to me about  my wasteful ways….

Tsk tsk. An opportunity that He’d so graciously primed me for, too, gifting me with those (not one but..) TWO half-o’s on Monday night. Primed and ready for that wonderful explosion that would have come (no pun intended) on Tuesday. With that one-orgasm gift.But instead, I fell asleep. And woke on Wednesday. Still primed. And giving my gift short-shrift like that. Does that mean I don’t appreciate it fully?

“Let’s see what I can do to ‘help’,” He says, his voice smooth as silk. You subbies know that tone–i think every Dominant has it in their arsenal. That congenial tone hides the hungry beast, the velvet glove covering a hand of steel.

He laughs, a soft, low, short-lived laugh.

“You will slap your pussy for 30 seconds. Not too hard. Not to soft. Right on your clit.”

I swallow hard. My pussy is already quite lustful…and it responds quite well to being slapped.

“Pick a number between one and ten,” He says.

I pause, sensing that a low number wouldn’t be good. “Nine,” I say slowly.

“You will wait 9 seconds…good number pick there, because one would have been quite difficult for you…then you will slap your pussy a second time, another 30 seconds. Harder this time.”

He pauses, listening for my little gasp of indrawn breath. He hears it, and I swear he’s smiling. I can HEAR him smiling through the phone.

“Then nine more seconds. This last time, I want you to beat that little pussy of yours hard. Thirty seconds. And nilla–nothing else. No touching. No cumming.”

I mumble incoherently for a moment, then a smallish whine…

“ know what this does to me…”

“I knoooow,” he replies, his tone sympathetic and amused at the same time. “Poor little slut. If only you’d had that orgasm last night, huh?”

“yes Sir,” I respond, resigned.

“Oh. I’m sure you figured this part out, but just in case…”

In my head I think “what now??” BUT didn’t say that out loud. Instead I utter a very meek “yes Sir?”

“Clamps. On those nipples. Yes. That will be perfect. Clamp those fucking nips and then spank that pussy. That will be perfect.”


Perfectly horrible.

(and okay, that does make it perfectly wonderful, too.)



All Fired UP….And then I….

….fell asleep.



On the ONE day that I can totally fuck my brains out*…I fall asleep the minute my head hits the pillow. If any of you have chronic insomnia like me, you understand that this is a total blessing. No tossing, no turning, just *splat* and out like a light!

If any of you have to edge yourself and let yourself ‘dangle’ in the depths of horny despair for 24 hours before you’re allowed to have an orgasm, then you understand that kind of torment, too.

And when the two bits up there have a collision course with exhaustion….and meet up on that  ONE night that I’m allowed to have a free orgasm?

I’m fucked. And … unfucked.

And still fucking horny.

Is it Tuesday yet?


* it occurred to me that if you’re a relatively new reader here –you may not know that Master only allows me to have one measly orgasm…I mean, (just in case He reads this post!), Master graciously allows me to have one precious and wonderful orgasm, each week, on Tuesday. 😀